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 Sorry if I was unclear.....I would go to a medium next time around, which I imagine would alleviate the chest and length issues. I only had the jacket for about an hour before I packed it back up, but I seem to recall the elasticized waist portion being longer than other makes I've owned, making fabric portion of the jacket end a little higher than I'd like. I probably wear higher rise jeans than most, too. And I don't deny being a nitpicker either ;-)All that said, I...
 I received the dark oak harrington a couple of weeks back. The quality of the materials was excellent for the price, but I wound up sending it back because the buttonholes were extremely wonky, and I mean all of them. On the bright side, they were good about the return, so that was painless and I'd probably give them another shot down the road. The zipper would have required the pencil trick to operate smoothly, but I did appreciate its heft. The fabric was nice too;...
 I think the shipping fees have changed a few times now. I seem to recall a time when shipping was free, but the customer paid the duties. Now it's $10 flat, but Luxire handles the duty (according to the site). I seem to recall getting a FedEx bill for a Luxire purchase a few weeks back, but I can't recall if it was for duty or just taxes. It was piddly either way, so probably the latter.
I wish my winters were 20-30 degrees... As suggested above, the answer is relative to your own cold tolerance. The coats you posted are on the short side with an open chest, but I've personally worn lighter in colder weather than that.
I was gifted one. It's a great looking tie on its own, but I rarely wear it due to the wimpy width.
Common wool socks are the best option IMHO, especially in conjunction with leather lined shoes (and assuming proper hygiene).
 IMHO extra tapered trousers on only work with a flat instep and tiny feet regardless of height.
 Warm is a relative term. I borrowed those swatches earlier this year and the RTW model is made up of a roughly 18oz cloth IIRC. Generally speaking, that's somewhat on the light side, but it's about an ideal weight combined with a suit (for me personally, in Canadian winter - YMMV).
Not exactly: I strongly advise ordering the trial suit and working from there. If it needs a ton of work (and sizing up or down doesn't help), I wouldn't proceed. In my case, we widened the shoulders and chest, took in the waist, narrowed the sleeves, and lowered the collar. Sounds like a lot, but they were minor tweaks. I suspect that the further you get from the standard pattern, the more susceptible you are to...
I am actually just waiting for Aaron to send me the invoice for a MTM jacket in this one. I had the swatch earlier this year, it's got some rich depth.
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