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Has anyone in the US been hit with fees ordering from Tres Bien recently?
Tech fleeces available at Le Rayon Frais if you want to take your chances ordering with them: http://lerayonfrais.fr/fr/58_nike
This stuff is great:http://jasonmarkk.com/collections/products/products/1630-premium-shoe-cleaner
I think this is the first stockist I've seen with the Ion cardigan in oxblood: http://www.43hostem.co.uk/shopping/men/designer-sns-herning-textured-wool-cardigan-item-10512365.aspx Doesn't look as good as the photos Fok took at Pitti.
This is the SS13 Emergent sweater.
70% off a range of MMM GATs in Roden Gray (in store) since Friday - only found out today so the place has been cleaned out and there's only a few sizes left.
Bumping this as I'm finding it hard to come by decent recommendations for a men's haircut here.
Anyone able to compare the 3A to Starks? It looks like a 42 would be a large compared to a Stark
They have a diving club that might be of interest:http://www.muffdivingclub.ie/index.html
End and TBS have a good selection of the new season up. This Torceo looks great: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/129963/s/barena-torceo-jacket/category/40/
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