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Tech fleeces available at Le Rayon Frais if you want to take your chances ordering with them: http://lerayonfrais.fr/fr/58_nike
This stuff is great:http://jasonmarkk.com/collections/products/products/1630-premium-shoe-cleaner
I think this is the first stockist I've seen with the Ion cardigan in oxblood: http://www.43hostem.co.uk/shopping/men/designer-sns-herning-textured-wool-cardigan-item-10512365.aspx Doesn't look as good as the photos Fok took at Pitti.
This is the SS13 Emergent sweater.
70% off a range of MMM GATs in Roden Gray (in store) since Friday - only found out today so the place has been cleaned out and there's only a few sizes left.
Bumping this as I'm finding it hard to come by decent recommendations for a men's haircut here.
Anyone able to compare the 3A to Starks? It looks like a 42 would be a large compared to a Stark
They have a diving club that might be of interest:http://www.muffdivingclub.ie/index.html
End and TBS have a good selection of the new season up. This Torceo looks great: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/129963/s/barena-torceo-jacket/category/40/
If something goes wrong with an iPhone (5 at least) Apple will only deal with it in the country/region of purchase due to different models for LTE bands- something I've found out to my cost with an Irish iPhone in Canada.
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