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Anyone here own the Morrison HAL chairs? Trying to decide on kitchen table chairs that will be suitable for daily use from small children too.
In the event that the bag gets marked by rain drops, what's the best way to treat the leather?
Received my bag today and it's just what I was hoping for (apart from the €35 customs fee). No handle marks either. The size is perfect for my needs and fits a 13" Macbook Air plus various documents easily. For comparison sake, here it is against a Delvaux Newspaper bag and Bill Amberg Jag laptop bag. I think I'll sell the Bill Amberg now as it's probably too big for my needs.
I'm not a fan of the brass (like most of the posters so far it would seem). The hardware on this Valextra looks much better
I'll probably go for one in chestnut. Have you considered brass brushed rhodium for the hardware? I think it looks considerably better than antique brass.
It's from Swaine Adeney Brigg. I think it's discontinued now though.
Price drop
Price drop
Barena Torceo (Size 52) in a beautiful soft jersey fabric for sale. The jacket has been worn no more than 5 times. Measurements: Shoulder 19" P2P 22" Sleeve 25" Back 29" Price of $160 - $140- $120 includes shipping worldwide, for tracked shipping please add $10. More Barena products for sale in signature too.
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