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@linjer How heavy is the holdall?
Damn, I didn't realise that the holdall will be offered in two colours - I have a tough choice to make now!
They just put it up in the last hour or so.
What's the sizing consensus on the 4497 last? If I'm a 7.5UK in the 4444 should I go for an 8UK?
Farfetch Preview sale is on until midnight Monday for those of you outside the EU and Switzerland
This would be great. My wife loved the preview of the zip around wallet and I am definitely in for the weekender.As an aside, I don't envy the challenges you face in the marketplace. A colleague recently admired my navy briefcase and asked if it was from Mulberry. When I explained that it wasn't, but could be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a Mulberry and, in all likelihood, had far superior leather than most of their products, he wasn't interested because he...
Anyone here own the Morrison HAL chairs? Trying to decide on kitchen table chairs that will be suitable for daily use from small children too.
In the event that the bag gets marked by rain drops, what's the best way to treat the leather?
Received my bag today and it's just what I was hoping for (apart from the €35 customs fee). No handle marks either. The size is perfect for my needs and fits a 13" Macbook Air plus various documents easily. For comparison sake, here it is against a Delvaux Newspaper bag and Bill Amberg Jag laptop bag. I think I'll sell the Bill Amberg now as it's probably too big for my needs.
I'm not a fan of the brass (like most of the posters so far it would seem). The hardware on this Valextra looks much better
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