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Quote: Originally Posted by Yo-han black upland/serge wool Anyone seen this online anywhere?
The Descent and Martyrs are pretty terrifying.
The bidding for this finished at 2am local time for me, so I couldn't stay up to keep track of the auction. I was winning before I went to bed, but unsurprisingly missed out. Congratulations to whoever won on a great acquisition.
That is a beautiful bag - do they offer the option of having no logos though?
Picked up a pair of C&J drivers in their Jermyn St store over the weekend. These are the Verona model.
Looking to see if anyone has a WWM Upland jacket or indeed the Monocle x WWM jacket in either navy or olive, size medium that they'd be willing to part with. Thanks
Is this their "Deal Bag" or "Transaction Bag"?
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Oi Polloi in Manchester is probably your best bet? Bit far for me, but thanks for letting me know.
Anyone know of any London stockists for WWM?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Harrods was a nightmare... like a Turkish market... elbow to elbow people... the menswear area in the basement is being remodelled and is a crowded shambles with little down there. The brands popoular on this forum (ie Brioni and Hermes ties) not on sale, the aisles crowded with tables piled high with crap. Were Selfridges / Liberty any better? Just wondering if they're worth visiting this weekend when...
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