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What size Upland is that?
Quote: Originally Posted by bathtime The torn pocket alone is reason for Piato to refund on return. Piato's willful ignorance on the season discrepancy is also a sign of bad faith. Especially as it was advertised as being in "great condition".
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Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant Does anybody know if this washed cotton blazer (http://www.uniqlo.com/us/explorer.ht...058194-000-69/) is stocked in the UK? The US store doesn't have the size/color I want. I purchased the navy one in the Regent St branch. They also had olive and beige. Cost was £24.50 I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Where is this available? I couldn't find it on Monocle's website. I want to at least get a better look. It's in the latest issue of the magazine. I emailed the store and it won't be in stock until late next month. Limited to 55 in each colour apparently. Here are two more photos they sent me:
Here is the new WWM x Monocle Stream jacket in Japanese "army duck canvas". The online Monocle store also have some of the SS09 Upland in S, L and XL in stock.
Colin Firth won Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival for this.
Anyone want to get rid of their SS09 Upland as we move to fall/winter?
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny Amiga http://www.oipolloi.com/oipolloi/shop/latest.php Oi Polloi seems to be in the progress of adding WWM stock. Checked a few moments ago, saw that the corduroy shooting jacket was "only" 365£, so I was def hyped. Then the Navy Wool Flannel Upland came online and it's 449£. A shame, would've bought one at 370 or something, but 450 is just too much right now. Ouch, at ~€515 (or $750), I'll try...
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