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I have the Boston bag and it's great as a carry-on/weekend bag. The photos on the Monocle site are awful and don't do any of their products justice, however.
New website is finally launched: http://www.glaserdesigns.com/index.html
Weirdness afoot: http://www.themusicfix.co.uk/content...e-history.html
Received my size 33 jeans (in Ireland) today. I had prepared for the worse after reading some of the comments about the thigh size given that I have relatively large quads from playing soccer regularly. Nonetheless, they are stiff, rather than tight. Quality is fantastic, definitely going to pick up the straight leg version whenever it's released. Now to decide, do I hem them or just roll them...?
Quote: Originally Posted by gwydion Contact ssync here on the forums. Super quick in getting the items for you. Yeah - superb proxy.
Anymore colours on the horizon for your cotton shirts? They're probably the best value RTW shirts I own.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe There's been a long running thread here: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=100669 Which was started after this one.
The Live at Reading CD/DVD is also out now.
Received my pristine copy of Issue 5 from chobochobo today - great service for what is pretty much a thankless task given the effort he went to.
Any other international customers get a shipping notice yet?
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