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Anyone know of any London stockists for WWM?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Harrods was a nightmare... like a Turkish market... elbow to elbow people... the menswear area in the basement is being remodelled and is a crowded shambles with little down there. The brands popoular on this forum (ie Brioni and Hermes ties) not on sale, the aisles crowded with tables piled high with crap. Were Selfridges / Liberty any better? Just wondering if they're worth visiting this weekend when...
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Sorry for the quick post (I will put more detailed info when I get back to the States next month), but I just have to give another shout out to Porter (Yoshida Kaban.) I`ve seen their stuff in Japan for years, but given this manbag thread, I decided to do more detailed searches and examinations, and its really wonderful stuff. Given their Japanese prices, they just may be the best value-to-quality ratio brand I`ve...
The first picture - they are a grey/light brown colour.
I purchased these beautiful flat front Incotex Super 120's here a few months ago and had them hemmed and taken out 1.5" at the waist. Unfortunately I had a stomach operation since then which means that these don't sit right on me, and likely never will, so I am reluctantly selling them. They have never been worn apart from being tried on at the tailor for the adjustments I had made. All tags are intact. Waist - 32" let out to 33.5" Inseam (hemmed) - 33" with another...
He probably doesn't need the kudos. but my second experience dealing with AnGeLiCbOrIs was unsurprisingly excellent.
I just got around to taking pictures of my knit ties. The following comprise of 3 Kent Wang ties and two Gallo ties (boxed). The new KW bicolour ties compare very favourably with Gallo's, with a much closer/tighter knit. Click for close-ups. Gallo: Kent Wang: Gallo: Kent Wang:
calisanfran is an absolute gentleman to deal with. Fast postage, great packaging, and split international postage costs with me even though I had offered to pay the full amount.
Monocle? Although I'm not sure what the exact breakdown of their readership is on a country-by-country basis.
I'm disappointed with the quality of my Merton shoes. After polishing them (using various Saphir products) they look excellent, but after a few hours wear they are substantially diminished with significant faded creases. I have attached two pictures taken within a few hours of each other to show the effect of wear and some rain: Given the amount of rain we get in Ireland, any suggestions as to more suitable shoes?
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