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Anyone have photos of Glasers' duffle bags? I'm undecided between that or their deal bags.
It's free to download on iTunes at the moment.
Nice - are the new shirts above available in all sizes?
Based on feedback on my shirt below, I placed another order which arrived this week. Here it is before washing: Pretty impressed with this one, any more suggestions or refinements for future orders? This is fabric 8382. Quote: Originally Posted by Hobbs I received my first order today, placed on 21st March. This is the 8046 fabric with a "form" fitting. I need to get longer sleeves next time and perhaps go for the slim fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 SW1 was closed on Sat (and from what i could gather on the sign, on Friday as well). Gallo is found on both via Manzoni and via Durini, as well as a fairly big concession in la Rinalscente or whatever it's called. I bought some socks as well as 3 of the knit ties which proved popular on here last year. I dont think I'll keep them all, so keep an eye out on the For Sale page. Thanks for the update - I'm...
Bought a pair of pants from 95///M3 on the 30th April, received in Ireland on 5th May. Great seller!
Quote: Originally Posted by HHD Looks good. Hobbs, if you're in Ireland, Smyth & Gibson is a shirt maker worth checking out. I have a linen shirt I bought there years ago, still going strong. Paul Costello used to do mens shirts too, though I haven't heard much about him in a while. Thanks - I was in the Smyth and Gibson store in December but it was mostly sale stock and they had nothing in my size at the time. I did pick up a great set of...
Quote: Originally Posted by limping_decorum you can get the bbc series on amazon for a little over 20 bucks. For anyone in the UK/ Europe, it is £3.99/€5.49 on Play.com. http://www.play.com/DVD/DVD/4-/61966...1/Product.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I am offering linen/cotton shirts. I guarantee that the quality is well above that Brooks shirt. Kent's linen/cotton shirts are superb quality, and don't wrinkle as much as I had anticipated. Here's a picture after having worn it for 10 hours in the office:
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Huh? The pocket squares I see being sold are usually cotton or silk, never linen. Where do get one in linen? http://www.kentwang.com/product_info...products_id=50 I wore one of these to my wedding.
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