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70% off SNS Herning in Dover St Market in London; along with 50% off CPs and 60% off EG amongst other stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by baba booey Thanks, looks good. Is it navy or black? The one at yoox looks black. I picked up the latest WWM X Monocle jacket which was described as navy but is most definitely black.
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Probably a UK7.5 in the Corso. Thanks zippy.
The only pair of PS boots I own are the Bihars (in UK7), but these sale prices are tempting me - how is the Bihar fit compared to the Corso boot?
Both Selfridges and Poste do CPs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A P.S. - I you are the guy who bought it last time (I deleted the PM so I don't recall who it was) let me know if you still want it - you have dibs, as they say. That would have been me. Glad to see it finally turned up at least.
Uniqlo (UK) have up to 50% off all the +J coats. The Chesterfield coat is a bargain at £49.99:
I found a massive difference between M and L too. M was slightly tight around the chest but the L was then swimming on me.
I need a proxy from Uniqlo in Oxford St in London to Ireland if possible. It's for one item.
I called into the Lodger in London yesterday and they said that they haven't received #6 yet as there were issues with postage from Singapore. Really helpful guys though - they offered to post it to Ireland at cost whenever it arrives.
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