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According to their latest catalogue, the insiders range from $55 to $115.
I called in one morning two weeks ago only to find that it didn't open until lunchtime. They did have some exquisite looking shoes in the window though.
Do the likes of Swaine Adeney Brigg and Launer have summer sales?
Received purchases with fast postage and great packaging from AnGeLiCbOrIs and lefty.
Anyone have photos of Glasers' duffle bags? I'm undecided between that or their deal bags.
It's free to download on iTunes at the moment.
Nice - are the new shirts above available in all sizes?
Based on feedback on my shirt below, I placed another order which arrived this week. Here it is before washing: Pretty impressed with this one, any more suggestions or refinements for future orders? This is fabric 8382. Quote: Originally Posted by Hobbs I received my first order today, placed on 21st March. This is the 8046 fabric with a "form" fitting. I need to get longer sleeves next time and perhaps go for the slim fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 SW1 was closed on Sat (and from what i could gather on the sign, on Friday as well). Gallo is found on both via Manzoni and via Durini, as well as a fairly big concession in la Rinalscente or whatever it's called. I bought some socks as well as 3 of the knit ties which proved popular on here last year. I dont think I'll keep them all, so keep an eye out on the For Sale page. Thanks for the update - I'm...
Bought a pair of pants from 95///M3 on the 30th April, received in Ireland on 5th May. Great seller!
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