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I called into the Lodger in London yesterday and they said that they haven't received #6 yet as there were issues with postage from Singapore. Really helpful guys though - they offered to post it to Ireland at cost whenever it arrives.
Thanks - they only have it in small though.
Anyone know of any stockists who have the navy Serge Upland in an XL??
You'd be better off not seeing the preview as it contains a number of huge spoilers that I wish I hadn't seen.
Latest Monocle collaboration is a Blackberry with a £950 price tag: http://shop.monocle.com/BlackBerry I have also picked up the City Bag in Olive to go with my Boston Bag. The detailing really has to be seen in person to appreciate the quality of these bags.
Might be a long shot, but can anyone do a sizing comparison of Kent Wang's slim fit shirts vs. the WvG ones?
Nice find, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by laphroaig The colour is the biggest turnoff for me too. The ones from the beams store do come in black though. All Monocle x Porter bags come in olive or black. You just might not be able to tell from their website!
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - I agree, it wasn't till I followed the link to the Beams store that I was SOLD http://shop.beams.co.jp/news/20091106_1890941.html Indeed, your photos above are infinitely more appealing than those on the Monocle site. Which tote did you get?
I have the Boston bag and it's great as a carry-on/weekend bag. The photos on the Monocle site are awful and don't do any of their products justice, however.
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