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Tyler is getting his own tv show on BBC News:
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW nice stuff at context, unfortunately they didn't get any chambray shirts this time around And only a white/ivory Upland by the looks of it?
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Tahoe Upland Jacket in navy Any idea what the Tahoe prefix is? Is this any different from last year's S/S Upland?
Heading to Vegas for a bachelor party next month - what are my chances of findings stockists of the likes of EG, WWM, etc?
Easy hassle free international transaction with aqhong recently.
They were 50% when I was there two weeks ago, presume the sale has finished now though? They had loads of Achilles Special Edition '09, grey cap toe, red cap toe & Achilles mid in white.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jonah Never saw CP's in Selfridges though Poste definitely has them. They have Achilles Low pretty much all the time, along with a few Mids occasionally. Dover St Market also has a large selection.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I'd like to make ginghams in other colors as well. Suggestions? I'd love a red gingham if possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Pretty sure that'd change the color of the leather Quote: Originally Posted by blynch look into a synthetic sealant, I haven't used them but there are some that do not change the leather color Thanks guys.
My Bihars are getting destroyed by the rain/sleet/snow here. Has anyone tried mink oil on any dip dyed boots?
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