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Are Revolve usually this slow in restocking CPs? I've been waiting ages for a pair of white Achilles Low in 42 to appear on the site.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 We might be doing ribbon belts in the spring. I took a prototype to the get together in San Francisco and the response was very positive. Excellent, I look forward to it.
Will you be doing belts in the near future or did I imagine that?
Still unsure about what size to go for in the Bihars. I take a UK8 in Starrs - should I drop down a full size in the Bihars?
Who cares? As long as your boyfriend likes it, go for it girlfriend!
I contacted ssnyc (after seeing his offer to proxy items from NY) to see if he could proxy three items from Uniqlo. He not only purchased two of them that day but went back the next day to see if they had the third back in stock. Items were posted immediately and I received them here in Ireland 3 business days later - simply outstanding service.
Article on the collaboration here: http://www.monocle.com/monocolumn/20...retail-heaven/
Monocle are doing a collaboration with Delvaux (odd url not withstanding), that loses the "1829" inscription of the bag posted earlier on the thread: http://monocle.com/Shop/Items/Editio...d-sweatshirt2/
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc PM ME I can be a proxy from New York to the rest of the world. I am steps away from some of the best shops in NYC. Right now I don't have a set pricing scale. Just tell me what you need and what you think a reasonable proxy service fee is. Be generous, the NYC post office is usually a pain I contacted ssnyc last Wednesday to see if he could proxy three items from Uniqlo. He not only purchased...
What size Upland is that?
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