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The only pair of PS boots I own are the Bihars (in UK7), but these sale prices are tempting me - how is the Bihar fit compared to the Corso boot?
Both Selfridges and Poste do CPs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A P.S. - I you are the guy who bought it last time (I deleted the PM so I don't recall who it was) let me know if you still want it - you have dibs, as they say. That would have been me. Glad to see it finally turned up at least.
Uniqlo (UK) have up to 50% off all the +J coats. The Chesterfield coat is a bargain at £49.99: http://www.uniqlo.co.uk/catalogue/men/j
I found a massive difference between M and L too. M was slightly tight around the chest but the L was then swimming on me.
I need a proxy from Uniqlo in Oxford St in London to Ireland if possible. It's for one item.
I called into the Lodger in London yesterday and they said that they haven't received #6 yet as there were issues with postage from Singapore. Really helpful guys though - they offered to post it to Ireland at cost whenever it arrives.
Thanks - they only have it in small though.
Anyone know of any stockists who have the navy Serge Upland in an XL??
You'd be better off not seeing the preview as it contains a number of huge spoilers that I wish I hadn't seen.
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