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There is a 3 page WWM x Monocle advertorial in the latest Monocle. Scans courtesy of Inventory.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chip Stuart & Wright will receive a navy and khaki striped belt. Thanks Chip - is this them? Hopefully they'll have their online store up soon!
I emailed Context to see if they'd have any belts: "No belts from EG for this season. sorry. We are about to put the remainder of our EG order up for sale, so keep your eyes out for that." Any stockists anywhere of the belts posted earlier in the thread?
Quote: Originally Posted by dragonxking Oi Polloi has some WWM in, including the beautiful, but pricey Carlsbad jacket and Cardiff Parka http://www.oipolloi.com/brands/Woole...lrich-139.html Apparently they'll be getting a second shipment (incl. the Upland jacket in ight blue and in navy) next month.
Tyler is getting his own tv show on BBC News: http://www.brandrepublic.com/News/98...CMP=ILC-SEARCH
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW nice stuff at context, unfortunately they didn't get any chambray shirts this time around And only a white/ivory Upland by the looks of it?
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Tahoe Upland Jacket in navy Any idea what the Tahoe prefix is? Is this any different from last year's S/S Upland?
Heading to Vegas for a bachelor party next month - what are my chances of findings stockists of the likes of EG, WWM, etc?
Easy hassle free international transaction with aqhong recently.
They were 50% when I was there two weeks ago, presume the sale has finished now though? They had loads of Achilles Special Edition '09, grey cap toe, red cap toe & Achilles mid in white.
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