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Pretty good price on Loake shoe trees, bearing in mind that they offer free worldwide delivery.
Monocle are doing a collaboration with Gitman Bros on two short sleeved "summer shirts", although they are for all intents and purposes polo shirts. Available in navy/blue/white at £90 each.
Beautiful trousers - how is the fit compared to Incotex? Should we take the same size we do in Incotex trousers?
Quote: Originally Posted by hc4thehc If only the Playstation 3 was regionfree!.. Only ~ €53 for us here.
No Summer Achilles though - hope they'll follow soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs hi guys, just received them, tried on but too big for me. got it from revolve at 347, looking at 320 (paypal gift to pronxs@gmail.com), free shipping to anywhere in the world. http://www.revolveclothing.com/b/Pro...code=COMM-MZ89 Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs Didn't buy them for revolve so can't get refunds. And.... Price drop to 285! ??
Can anyone point me in the direction of a proper Rimowa brochure? I'm undecided on whether to get a Salsa or Topas Aluminium.
Damn, Tres Bien Store only have the Summer Achilles in sizes 41 and 45 and won't be restocking.
Trade for a pink Attolini cashmere tie?
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap Episode 7 was really good, I was sorta just sticking around with the show but after this episode I'm kinda in. There's only one more episode this season anyway - next week is the season finale.
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