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Quote: Originally Posted by Arizor http://www.garbstore.com/product/?br...&imgVarID=1959 Thanks, hope they get some XLs in though; this is a very slim fitting jacket.
Thanks Blyndon, that's a big help.
I'm trying to buy one of the EG belts online but can't find much sizing info - anyone know what a Large equates to roughly? Also, I'd love to hear if anyone has had any luck tracking down the Heavy Chambray Conductor Jacket from a US/Euro seller.
Any chance you'll offer international shipping?
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora Same shoe at TBS is $382 including VAT. In my experience, the-corner always has higher prices than anywhere else I've seen. This probably doesn't help since TBS is mostly sold out -- but that's to say that the-corner is the only place I've seen the price that high. The Corner is the link through site from the main CP site so I guessed that these are CP 'approved' prices. Are there any other US-based...
This must have bypassed me completely, but when did the RRP on the Achilles rise to $465? http://www.thecorner.com/COMMON_PROJ...ection_id/7752
They're actually Danish! I've handled their bags at Dover St Market - nice construction, but the retail prices are ridiculous. Inventory have done a few pieces on the brand.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert J. Crew in Vegas? Any chance it was an outlet? It was their store in the Fashion Show mall.
Would it be possible to get measurements for the WWM jacket please?
Spent the weekend in Vegas and stopped by J Crew for the first time. Was very disappointed with the selection; they had very little of the products in the latest catalogue available and needless to say didn't have the red chambray.
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