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Damn, Tres Bien Store only have the Summer Achilles in sizes 41 and 45 and won't be restocking.
Trade for a pink Attolini cashmere tie?
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap Episode 7 was really good, I was sorta just sticking around with the show but after this episode I'm kinda in. There's only one more episode this season anyway - next week is the season finale.
Tres Bien Shop have a few things up right now.
Kent Wang's cotton/linen shirts are well worth looking into if you can stretch the extra $5.
First lot of SS stock at The Bureau.
The Bureau have had a restock, incl. the Indigo Conductor jacket in an XL that someone was looking for earlier.
Purchased a WWM jacket from mr bunbury and it arrived in Ireland within 7 days. Great to deal with too.
Quick question Gary - do you offer international shipping? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele I put it up to see if anyone else besides PG dropped on them. As awesome as fashion bags are, you kinda need something useful when your flying to see your girlfriend every month. Checking in luggage is lame and a waste of time. Razele - I have the Boston bag and the City Bag. Both are excellent and the construction is superb. I have managed to get two weeks worth of gear into the Boston bag for various...
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