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Purchased item from raginberriodoom and received it in Ireland in under a week. Great to deal with a seller who doesn't mind sending internationally.
Anyone know if this Daiki Suzuki collaboration is out yet:
Quote: Originally Posted by onion These look really nice: I like their leather tote (with the adjustable straps) and "Hercules" weekender in black (with the lock on the side to close/expand the bag) the best. No idea what prices are like, since apparently no one online stocks those 2 designs, nor does anyone stock their leather bags in general. Hell, I can't even find a picture of them to post. Edit: Prices are on their site....
Quote: Originally Posted by steveoffice Pictures will be posted on Thursday. Prices include shipping to US. Common Projects S/S 2010 Low Achilles Gum Sole EU 42 - $215 Also in brand new condition. Best for size 9-9.5. What color?
This stuff is great for cleaning sneakers.
Can you do international postage?
Received these from Caliroots 3 days after ordering last week: And they were this very pair, down to the same scuffs. Had clearly been tried on and worn outside a few times by the looks of it too so I emailed them on Thursday; they replied Friday offering me a full refund if I returned them or another 50% off if I wanted to keep them. Refund was issued yesterday so I ended up paying €60 + shipping for the shoes.
Big reductions at Caliroots. I've found them great when ordering before and had my white gum achilles delivered within 3 days of ordering so they may be more suitable to deal with for European customers.
Crap, thought I posted this in the wanted section. Could a mod move please?
As title, looking for either of these in size 42 (shipped to Ireland):
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