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Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter According to the drop down (as of 7:58 PST), both a 43 and a 42 are available...just a heads up. Not when you add to the cart though. It's been like that for a few days.
Hunting and Collecting have grey gum achilles on sale (size 43 only). Wish I could find 42s somewhere.
Can anyone comment on the fit of the Henry's using Starrs or Millers as a benchmark? Good few sizes available on sale now.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Peach leather w/ gum sole looks interesting. They're womens.
Modest selection of CPs on sale at Nitty Gritty.
The white gum soles are ridiculously comfortable so I want to pick up another pair of the grey gum in 42 - anyone seen them online? Can't seem to find them anymore myself.
Another drop, will be off to eBay soon.
I've been getting great use out of mine recently. So, who was the designer?
Price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 So I got an iPad for Father's Day. I'm an iNoob and google gives me a gazillion hits for everything I search. Can someone tell me what software (preferably freeware) I should use to rip DVDs and add films to my itunes library in a format that's good for iPad? I use 1ClickDVDtoiPod. It's by far the most user friendly and fastest of all the programs I've tried out. You can find it free easily...
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