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This stuff is great for cleaning sneakers.
Can you do international postage?
Received these from Caliroots 3 days after ordering last week: And they were this very pair, down to the same scuffs. Had clearly been tried on and worn outside a few times by the looks of it too so I emailed them on Thursday; they replied Friday offering me a full refund if I returned them or another 50% off if I wanted to keep them. Refund was issued yesterday so I ended up paying €60 + shipping for the shoes.
Big reductions at Caliroots. I've found them great when ordering before and had my white gum achilles delivered within 3 days of ordering so they may be more suitable to deal with for European customers.
Crap, thought I posted this in the wanted section. Could a mod move please?
As title, looking for either of these in size 42 (shipped to Ireland):
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one baller shoe shipment (aka whatever i could find on the corner and yoox on sale for cheap and looked halfway interesting) came in today, am happy. Got some CP's These are particularly nice - are they available online anywhere at the moment?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hobbs Modest selection of CPs on sale at Nitty Gritty. More reductions here; picked up these.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart quick shot of the red Henry. this last is really made for my feet, supremely comfortable and one of best fitting PS shoes I've gotten They look great - how does the fit compare to the likes of Starrs? Did you go for the same size? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter According to the drop down (as of 7:58 PST), both a 43 and a 42 are available...just a heads up. Not when you add to the cart though. It's been like that for a few days.
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