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'Patrons' get an additional 10% off.
Just got a notification to say its live - I was number 3 to pledge!
Up to 70% off on Matches and it's the first time I've seen Turms products discounted, including this beechwood shoe care kit for ballers:
It's $130CAD to ship a tote bag to Ireland!
Will these be standard Inis Meain sizing?
No, I just looked up the tracking number after it arrived today and saw that it was picked up on Saturday.
I received my holdall this morning despite not getting tracking info - it must be incredibly frustrating for Roman and Jenn to have the shipping company let them down like this. Shipping itself was very fast - two business days from when it was actually picked up in HK to arrival in Ireland. The packaging is outstanding and designed in such a way to mitigate any issues with the handles pressing against the leather this time.
I received a €60 voucher for Mr Porter today (no minimum spend) for being a Founding Member - has to be used by next Sunday so check your emails.
Yours hasn't aged well? I've been planning on buying two of the long cabinets.
Selling an unworn "Red Echo" SNS Herning Stark in XL. Bear in mind that these can stretch quite a bit, but the measurements are: P2P: 19" Shoulders: 18" Back length: 27" Sleeves: 22.5" Postage from Ireland is included; for registered tracking please add $15.
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