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I have the following Valextra Pergamena white leather business card holder for sale. This has been rarely used and comes in a Valextra box. Will post anywhere in the world for $110 -> $100.
Anyone know if the Arc'teryx Veilance online store ever have a sale?
Depends on the season, I weigh pretty much the same, but I'm not as tall as you. The SS2011 Stooges in large fits me fine.
My CP collection: Might offload the red captoes as they've been worn very little.
It is far, far superior to the US version. BBC are airing season 2 later in the year I believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Louis Toadvine Pre-sale at caliroots, 30% on stuff like common projects. Need to have a VIP account. Caliroots is great for Europeans. I ordered this morning and it's been shipped by courier already.
Hmmm, I not sure if I want to spoil future seasons by reading the books - along with the likes of Breaking Bad and Mad Men, this is one of the best tv series around.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aries83 MSSneaker - I got size 43 (I'm normally a 44 in other trainers). Are you normally a 44 in CPs too? I'm tempted by the Arctic boots, but not sure if I should size down from my usual CP size.
Anyone know the stock situation for 42s at Leather Soul?
Works fine for me. They have the elusive sz. 39 (in white Achilles Low) that a few people were looking for.
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