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Anyone know the stock situation for 42s at Leather Soul?
Works fine for me. They have the elusive sz. 39 (in white Achilles Low) that a few people were looking for.
Studio Homme have 30% off pretty much everything. Code is MAY11: http://www.studiohomme.com/en
Studio Homme have 30% off everything incl. all CPs. Code is MAY11: http://www.studiohomme.com/en Email said "Achilles Classics Common Projects" not included, but it just worked on a pair of Achilles Low I bought.
Quote: Originally Posted by mischief I know some of you been waitin on TheCorner.com PRIVATESALE@SS11US 30% selected items Damn, this only appears to be valid for US customers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo No vent. Just don't like people talking from their ass about things they don't know and doing it in absolutes. There are few forum members with as much experience in the latter as your good self.
Are there any free apps that could allow me to use my iPhone as a clicker for Keynote presentations on the iPad?
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeDT If they're anything like our projectors, then it's VGA and possibly component video. But you had better check. Apple does HDMI, VGA and component video leads for the iPad, so you should be OK. VGA cable works perfectly, thanks.
Kent, I take a 15.75 in your shirts and it's a very slim fit. Judging by the measurements, would an XL polo be the correct size to go for? Thanks.
Awaiting my iPad to arrive, and I intend on using it for presentations/lectures - what cable should I get? I'm pretty sure our projectors aren't HDMI compatible.
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