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Like the CP Combat Boots I sold earlier this year, these Training Boots are awesome, but sitting unused in my wardrobe. They are in excellent condition and have only been worn ~10 times. They come with the CP bag and additional laces. This SS10 "Dirty Black" variation is, IMO, the best version of the training book that CP has produced and I found them at retail (approx. $450 a year ago). Price includes regular Airmail shipping to anywhere in the world from Ireland...
Selling this Monocle x Porter City Bag in black: http://shop.monocle.com/bags/porter-city-bag The bag is in excellent condition and has rarely been used. Price includes Airmail postage worldwide. Add $10 for insured tracking postage.
For anyone in London, Liberty are selling Bourtons in navy, grey and beige for £175. Sizes rang from 7-12.
Just got an email to say Mr Porter international sale starts on Monday. It doesn't appear to be Founding Member specific.
Any idea how long the sale lasts? I won't be in London 'til the weekend after next.
30% off at Oliver Spencer with the code SUMMER today only. Sale goes live tomorrow otherwise.
Odd that US founding members have access before other founding members. Wonder when UK founding members get access?
I have both; the light blue doesn't wash as well as the navy and there's a lot more piling compared to the navy.
Ha, I have tiny wrists and ankles - must the angle of the footrest and iPhone. I'm sorry I didn't snap a photo of the Visone calf - I haven't seen it anywhere online yet and it looks stunning.
Visited the Jermyn St store at the weekend and was very tempted by the new Bourtons in "Visone" calf. They didn't have them in my size so I picked up the following Bourton in Gold MC with a commando sole:
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