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I have both; the light blue doesn't wash as well as the navy and there's a lot more piling compared to the navy.
Ha, I have tiny wrists and ankles - must the angle of the footrest and iPhone. I'm sorry I didn't snap a photo of the Visone calf - I haven't seen it anywhere online yet and it looks stunning.
Visited the Jermyn St store at the weekend and was very tempted by the new Bourtons in "Visone" calf. They didn't have them in my size so I picked up the following Bourton in Gold MC with a commando sole:
2-ply 100% cotton
I received the following two pairs of Broken In slim-fit chinos as a gift but after wearing each once they're too big for me. Khaki: Waist: 17" Inseam: 31" (with 1.25" to let) Front rise: 10" Leg Opening: 7.5" Blue (I think the color is described as Dusty Baltic on the J Crew site) Waist: 17.5" Inseam: 31.5" (with 1.25" to let) Front rise: 10.5" Leg Opening: 7.5" Price is $40 -> $35 each incl. Airmail shipping from Ireland.
I'm selling the following two size 16 Paul Smith shirts that are too big for me. Both are in great condition and have hardly been worn. Striped with button cuff Shoulder 19.25" Length 32" P2P 22" Sleeve 24.5" Blue and white stripe with French contrasting cuff Shoulder 19.25" Length 31.5" P2P 22" Sleeve 25" Price is $55 -> $50 each and includes Airmail shipping from Ireland.
I'm selling this lightweight PS Safari Jacket that has never been worn. Details include storm collar tab, drawstring waist. The jacket is size large and measurements are: Shoulder 19.5 Length 30" P2P 22" Sleeve 26" Price is $95 shipped Airmail from Ireland.
I'm selling the following J Crew shirts in size medium as they're all too big for me. Each is in very good condition. Price is $28 -> $25 ->$22 -> $20 shipped Airmail from Ireland (~ 5-7 business days to the US). Pink J Crew Sold Shoulder 18" Length 29" P2P 21" Sleeve 26" Blue Gingham lightweight Sold Shoulder 18" Length 30" P2P 21" Sleeve 25.25" Check J Crew BD Shoulder 18" Length 29.5" P2P 21" Sleeve 25.75"
Monocle have another Delvaux collaboration. I don't get this at all, the regular Delvaux Newspaper and President bags are stunning. The leather here reminds me of window blinds.
Thanks - measurements added.
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