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Drops on CPs and WWM.
I love CPs, but between this and 'running shoe' they manage to top themselves in uglier models each season running.
Price drop on J.Crew shirts and measurements added.
Quote: Originally Posted by nowiremember im starting to think trying to find size 39 in any cps is impossible. Nitty Gritty have white Achilles Lows in 39.
CPs and WWM added.
Quote: Originally Posted by mongo615 Any idea where I could get a/w '10 Tournament Highs in dirty brown...Think I slept a little too long waiting on markdowns. Thanks!!! These ones? Only in 43 though: http://www.wrongweather.net/lojaVerProduto.php?id=858
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Your lucky day; there's two greys in the wings, light and dark. Both have mild tinges of other colors, nice and interesting with some depth to them. Grabbed swatches the other day, I think I'll photoshop solid color swatches rather than bother photo'ing the actual swatches, since photos don't grab the colors all that well. Looking forward to seeing them, been holding out for a moto in grey.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guy Burgess Oh and for beer, definitely try some of the flemish sour ales. My favourite is Duchesse De Bourgogne. This is great, I found it on draught in Brussels last month. SPK mentioned Rodenbach, but Rodenbach Grand Cru far surpasses it.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 on a side note, don't love the mollino, but i bought one. How come Kunk? I was thinking of making it my second RO after picking up an Intarsia recently.
Nomad has a few new styles incl. "Washed Achilles".
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