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The movie production has been a train wreck: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/brad-pitt-world-war-z-production-nightmare-336422
Thanks, got it from Mr Porter.
I was undecided as whether to go for an XL or L, but went for a L in the Concrete Stark. I'm 5 11", 185lbs with a 42" chest:
Even the 'new' Starks? I'm ~188lbs with a 42" chest and can't figure out whether I'm an L or XL in the concrete Stark. I have this Oliver Spencer cardigan in an M and the measurements seem to indicate that I'm an XL.
Can't get this to work - anyone else having trouble with it?EDIT: I emailed them and they applied it manually to my account and the order has been shipped already; pretty great customer service.
Like the CP Combat Boots I sold earlier this year, these Training Boots are awesome, but sitting unused in my wardrobe. They are in excellent condition and have only been worn ~10 times. They come with the CP bag and additional laces. This SS10 "Dirty Black" variation is, IMO, the best version of the training book that CP has produced and I found them at retail (approx. $450 a year ago). Price includes regular Airmail shipping to anywhere in the world from Ireland...
Selling this Monocle x Porter City Bag in black: http://shop.monocle.com/bags/porter-city-bag The bag is in excellent condition and has rarely been used. Price includes Airmail postage worldwide. Add $10 for insured tracking postage.
For anyone in London, Liberty are selling Bourtons in navy, grey and beige for £175. Sizes rang from 7-12.
Just got an email to say Mr Porter international sale starts on Monday. It doesn't appear to be Founding Member specific.
Any idea how long the sale lasts? I won't be in London 'til the weekend after next.
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