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Has anyone purchased these Vintage Achilles? Trying to figure out if they're nubuck or not?
CPs sold and final price drops on shirts before they head to eBay.
Quote: Originally Posted by qdevil do you have measurements on the aspesi monocle jacket? Im interested in this too please.
Quote: Originally Posted by mreggen My local dealer only has the achilles low woman sneakers. Does anyone know if they are any different from the mens at all? old SF FS thread with womans edition That's my thread - I've since bought the men's Achilles Low myself and the only difference is that the insole says "Woman".
The new Tournament model looks similar to last years Training Boot. There's been no sign of that being released again unfortunately.
There's a better look at the FW11 BBall highs here (along with a duck boot...): http://lineageofinfluence.wordpress....winter-2011-2/
Drops on CPs and WWM.
I love CPs, but between this and 'running shoe' they manage to top themselves in uglier models each season running.
Price drop on J.Crew shirts and measurements added.
Quote: Originally Posted by nowiremember im starting to think trying to find size 39 in any cps is impossible. Nitty Gritty have white Achilles Lows in 39.
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