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Not much good when they don't have the the cardigan he wants.
That was for sale items only.
Looks terrible, sell it to me! Thanks for fit pic and the comparison with the Stark - have made up my mind to get the L too.
The model name is Actuator. Significantly higher price than the Isogon: http://veilance.arcteryx.com/Product.aspx?EN/Mens/Actuator-Hooded-Jacket
Looks good; I've rarely seen the collars worn anything but raised though. Did you take the same size in the Baicolo as the Servolo?
I'd love to see some too.Here are some of the SS13 pieces from TBS:http://shop.tres-bien.com/brand/barena/
I'm on 6.0.2 and lose about 2-3% overnight with 3G on.
Anyone know of any stockists that have these Barena gloves in dark grey or navy in a medium? I found them on Fott but they don't appear to ship outside of Russia.
Thanks, will look into those two options so.
I have an unlocked GSM iPhone 5 and will be in the US for 2 weeks in March. Can I pick up a prepay sim in any AT&T store? The main thing I want is a decent data plan.
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