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Anyone able to compare the 3A to Starks? It looks like a 42 would be a large compared to a Stark
They have a diving club that might be of interest:
End and TBS have a good selection of the new season up. This Torceo looks great:
If something goes wrong with an iPhone (5 at least) Apple will only deal with it in the country/region of purchase due to different models for LTE bands- something I've found out to my cost with an Irish iPhone in Canada.
End have got some FW13 up online. I like the look of this navy blue mix:
I'm not having much luck here in Vancouver - bought an SNS tshirt from Tres Bien that was marked at €19 and FedEx charged me $19.37 in fees. It wasn't charged at delivery, I just received an invoice a week after getting the package.
Has anyone been to the Gravity Pope outlet sale yet? There was a big queue outside yesterday when I passed so gave it a miss.
I'm in Vancouver for 3 months and decided to take advantage of getting VAT off a Montedoro jacket from The jacket cost £180 and was shipped by FedEx, it got here in 3 days but I was hit with a charge of $113.
Le Rayon Frais are a nightmare to deal with; don't be tempted by occasionally decent prices as the situation sjmin209 outlined is indicative of their usual standard of customer service.
I'm kicking myself for not buying these suede Bourtons when Shoehealer had them: Has anyone seen them anywhere else?
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