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While not as egregious as the backpack knockoff, the brief is very similar to this Thomas Lyte one too:
Their customer service is pretty good if you contact them - I had a shirt fray at the seams last year and they sent me a new one straight away.
Any suggestions on where else I could get Albert Thurston white moire suspenders? Kent Wang is out of stock until March.
Are orders still shipping?
I'd appreciate some advice - we are about to start building a house (our first) next week that is a 12 month build. I'm tempted to buy some pieces of furniture from the UK now as the exchange rate plus sales mean that there's approximately a 30% saving over buying them in Ireland. Should I go for it or wait until we're in the house?
@Kent Wang when will the white moire suspenders (regular) be back in stock? Thanks!
They haven't done a great job of communicating the various fits. The main lines are: Incotex 1951 (more formal) Incotex Archivio (somewhat formal) Incotex Slacks (mainly casual) Incotex 5 pockets (mainly casual) To confuse matters there are different fits within the various lines: Regular Slim Skin Bridge
What size do you normally take?
Same here, I was backer number 5 and received one numbered in the 800s.
Did anyone get this? I didn't see anything included in the package after being one of the first backers.
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