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Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic Sydney, Australia RailCorp spends about $1 million a year on graffiti removal. Figures on the CityRail website show there were 35,627 recorded graffiti attacks in November of last year. I actually find the colour softer on the eyes than the boring grey metal.
I had an interveiw once, and the receptionist said "I like your shoes, you're the only candidate we have had that has shine to their shoes". But did I get the job?
PM sent!
Isn't a UK8 equal to a US8.5?
Thanks again madaboutshirt, you're doing and excellent job! Pay this guy the money he deserves!!
Purcahsed a great pair of shoes from Wes Bourne, fantastic communication and fast shipping. Thanks!
I recently bought shoe trees from madaboutshirt - excellent transaction, fast shipping. Thanks.
Main problem is that I'm in Australia. It seems department stores do not cater for winter here.
Haha yeah that was a laugh and a half
Going to have to agree with the above, requested a refund, never heard a word back. It has been atleast a couple of weeks.
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