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Thanks to theyare for a lovly pocket square. Great transaction!
Found a Zippo lighter on a beach (Cottesloe) here in Perth, Australia. It must have been lost by a sailor as it has "USS KITTY HAWK CV63" on one side with a picture of the vessel. The other side has the First U.S. Navy Jack on it.
Why quote the whole post? Lovely items ... Can you get any size 38?
Love the Brioni Jacket, would take the shirt too, however they're not my size!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by ginlimetonic Sydney, Australia RailCorp spends about $1 million a year on graffiti removal. Figures on the CityRail website show there were 35,627 recorded graffiti attacks in November of last year. I actually find the colour softer on the eyes than the boring grey metal.
I had an interveiw once, and the receptionist said "I like your shoes, you're the only candidate we have had that has shine to their shoes". But did I get the job?
PM sent!
Isn't a UK8 equal to a US8.5?
Thanks again madaboutshirt, you're doing and excellent job! Pay this guy the money he deserves!!
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