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I sent you a personal message ...
Thanks to 95///M3 for the Incotex pants. On another note I think a whole subforum with a thread for each trading member would be a good idea for feedback so it can be easily located.
Just what I expected.
oh so controversial
My credit limit is only around 15k on the card so until it gets declined I just have to deal with the few days between that and ordering a new card from another bank.
Quote: Originally Posted by clintonf I have at least another 5 pairs of shoes (Crockett and Jones, Cheaneys and possibly Grenson) that I'd like to sell (some seconds, some 1st quality), but I really want to shift these first. Any UK8 or US8.5/9?
Id love to see a picture...
I would also like to know the smallest waist size....
Hi, I'm looking for a pair of brown and white spectators in size 8.5 or 9. If you could help me out It would be greatly appriciated Regards,
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