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Quote: Originally Posted by lirper What risk? Reading the feedbacks makes it clear that he's not a con, what are you afraid of? I think he might be afraid of the quality but its not like its going to be an expensive decision anyway ...
I'm also interested in a pair of C&J Belgrave in the polo suede. UK 8.
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW My old high school was in Claremont! I am returning for a brief visit next month, after being OS for several years. Just wondering what the best place is to look at RM Williams? Wellington St. surplus stores? I've never looked for RMW there however they would probably stock them. There is a RMW retail outlet in the Carillon City arcade. There is also a store called The Stockade Store on Barrack cnr....
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert Morning Chaps, Can anyone point me in the right direction for Shoes in Perth? So far all i have found is Brogues Shoes in Old Theatre Lane, Claremont. Try David Jones in the city, they have some from Zegna and Bally (Kiton & Brioni occasionly or by request - that was a few years ago that I enquired). Parker & Co (Trinity Arcade) in the city carry John Lobb, Church's and a few others but thats about it in...
Quote: Originally Posted by nicad2000 Updated for sold items and all PM's have been responded to. Sent you a couple of PM's.
I sent you a personal message ...
Thanks to 95///M3 for the Incotex pants. On another note I think a whole subforum with a thread for each trading member would be a good idea for feedback so it can be easily located.
Just what I expected.
oh so controversial
My credit limit is only around 15k on the card so until it gets declined I just have to deal with the few days between that and ordering a new card from another bank.
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