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Unrelated, but most married couples (or even divorced) received a le cruesset iron roasting pan as a wedding present and I'd say its the most used wedding present out of all of them so if that or an equivilant is not on the registry I'd suggest it.
Interested in a Large 6 if its a long sleeve polo type thing.
I think hes going for the Silvio Dante look.
Perhaps the teacher in question has taps installed on his footwear.
Esteele saucepans. My grandmas mum had one, my grandma has two, my mum has a few and I do too. And they've all lasted very very well. Esteel has provided replacement handles for all of them free of charge. I do suggest however that you get some replacement handles before the model is superseded as they can be hard to come by if they're a 10+ year old model. +1 for stainless steel. Non stick does come in handy but I tend to use Stainless steel most of the time. EDIT:...
Agreed. 100% refund. Seller should offer remedy for shirt buttons to be agreed upon by buyer. Seller should offer remedy for sweater in the form of a refund according to seller's return policy (100% if within 3 days) as per buyers request.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phlexrayon new set of TaylorMade clubs Care to expand? I'm in the market for a new set of TM too.
Quote: Originally Posted by stylemeup That looks cool but I am worried about my precious cards falling out of cases that don't have any enclosure function. It seems that a lot of them don't. What is the logic behind them not having that? That BB one folds over so that any card trying to ''escape'' would be stopped in doing so by the fold in then case. I just ordered the Basic Card Holder from Tanner Goods in London tan. EDIT: Ages like...
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