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Quote: Originally Posted by jpierce Is alcohol really that inappropriate to give in the USA? I currently work at a school and its practically tradition for the students to give teachers they liked alcohol (not even classy staff, we're talking cartons of beer) and the teachers they didnt like, cask wine. This year I know one of the more popular teachers got over: 8 cartons of beer, 3 bottles of rum and a few other random things. (For reference, this is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat If you're going to pay TF price, why not go bespoke? Haha you only assumed I was going to pay TF price for this ($1,265). I don't mind getting something quite similar that is not Tom ford. I found a BB waistcoat that was quite nice I thought, however the lapels on it put me right off (Square!?).
I've been looking everywhere; I cannot find a waistcoat similar to this Tom Ford anywhere. Can anybody help me out? Your reply will be greatly appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter a gift that he can put in the office and people can look at and say "hey, he must have done agood job because look how well that kid came out" would be perfect. how about a nice framed picture of you at your new school/job/army post signed "I couldn't have gotten here without all your help" that he can hang behind his desk? I can imagine in 10 years time him having 100's of these photos.
I've never even heard of such a service here in Australia!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I assume so, it seems to want a US zip-code, can anyone confirm this? Was wondering the same thing. I put in a US post code and then found this: Quote: Do you ship outside of the United States? Regretfully, no, but we are always striving to provide the best service possible to our Members. We are currently working on finding ways to ship our products to reach more locations.
Can't think of anything else:
Does anyone know what the Saint-Troperz collar is?
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Interesting idea. How do you order the swatch book/how much does it cost? It's not readily apparent from their website... http://www.moderntailor.com/fabricswatches
Incontro, are you getting something made up on the top floor of the strand arcade?
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