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Personally I find the 5-6 button vest with a tuxedo (or dinner suit) extremely tacky (even without the bunny prints). Secondly I dont think the scoop front vest can be beaten.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax The answer depends on your definition of "Ultimate". If cost is not a priority you should look at a custom made knife from one of the makers who specialize in kitchen knives like: Thomas Haslinger, Murray Carter or Bob Kramer. Here is Haslinger carving set offered by The Epicurean Edge ($975) as an example: That is one nice set. Do people use the knife separately from the fork or is it a special set...
Quote: Originally Posted by Weich77 Buttons Down Collar with MOP buttons I have washed them many many times, they are "impeccable" My seconde BD collar has eadge stiching + purple buttonholes thread (+$5 for each special requirments) Looks great un-buttoned however the collar is way to big when buttoned.
Quote: Originally Posted by Verno Inferno Have you checked out this Molly Rogers number? The scoop may be more rounded looking than you're for and it doesn't have it's own lapels. It looks like you can get it for $325, according to the price sheet. Sorry it's quite a bit different from the Tom Ford waistcoat, but I've been hunting for a more rounded look too and thought this one was...
What is a postman vest? I much prefer the look of the low cut vests, especially the ones that give off the round effect at the top of the joining part.
Quote: Originally Posted by jpierce Is alcohol really that inappropriate to give in the USA? I currently work at a school and its practically tradition for the students to give teachers they liked alcohol (not even classy staff, we're talking cartons of beer) and the teachers they didnt like, cask wine. This year I know one of the more popular teachers got over: 8 cartons of beer, 3 bottles of rum and a few other random things. (For reference, this is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat If you're going to pay TF price, why not go bespoke? Haha you only assumed I was going to pay TF price for this ($1,265). I don't mind getting something quite similar that is not Tom ford. I found a BB waistcoat that was quite nice I thought, however the lapels on it put me right off (Square!?).
I've been looking everywhere; I cannot find a waistcoat similar to this Tom Ford anywhere. Can anybody help me out? Your reply will be greatly appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter a gift that he can put in the office and people can look at and say "hey, he must have done agood job because look how well that kid came out" would be perfect. how about a nice framed picture of you at your new school/job/army post signed "I couldn't have gotten here without all your help" that he can hang behind his desk? I can imagine in 10 years time him having 100's of these photos.
I've never even heard of such a service here in Australia!
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