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Use your upper hand advantage on her to step over her and gain a promotion.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay This sounds like my experience with RL cotton socks. Every pair of RL cotton socks that I've had has gone this route. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by [d] thanks, the info i got was from their site, i went through the steps to order a shirt on the day which i made the post. maybe it's different for cheaper fabrics??? I've ordered both cheap and decently priced shirts from MT and they both have most of those options listed above, I should note that the back pleat selection halves when slim fit is selected.
Quote: Originally Posted by DutchDaedalus He looks very much like Jay Gatsby, played by Robert Redford in Yes that is quite a common perception. Quote: Originally Posted by cnh121 Speaking of which, does anybody know where to get a waist coat like that in grosgrain. That is sick. Not grosgrain but see this thread:
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisb0109 What is the point? Check the link in his signature for pictures; Those RLPL leather pants are hideous, KitonBrioni.
Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. Start using another cleaner as well, and If this one apologizes/offers compensation even after the return, politely accept the apology, decline the extra reimbursment, and move on. Good point. The cleaner will start to treat his customers worse if you remain with him after the error. He will begin to start thinking that these errors are acceptable by the customers. When ever there is a problem like this...
Swear vendetta against said cleaner.
He didn't attend this year but Brad Pitt usually gets his black tie outfit looking pretty spot on (except for the occasional notch lapel).
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform I aggree to some extent but I wonder if this apologises too much for the tailor. I have a $20 coupon for MT and was planning on using it for a shirt - total cost with shipping minus $20 would be like just under $50 or something. But from what I've seen on this thread even $50 would me too much for a mtm shirt that the tailor is not doing right, unless the posters are really fugging up their measurements. As...
Quote: Originally Posted by [d] i checked the moderntailor site and found a red check pattern which i like... seems their options are ok, though they don't have a back pleat style which i like, and they seem to offer button only cuffs. I dont know where you sourced your information from however hey do offer the following range of cuffs and backs: Round cut Cut corner Square Convertible French square (Button-less) French round...
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