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Brogues in/of Claremont in Perth are stocking Allen Edmonds if anyone is interested. Small and ugly stock but it's decent if you want to find your size/last to buy online. Did not check pricing.
I recommend you try Michael's Tailoring services in London Court. He does a great job.Opening Hours: 8.30am - 5.30pm.Location: Stairwell H, 2nd Floor, Suite 4. London Court.Phone: (08) 9221 6525
Decide to go which way?
Sorry to repost ... can anyone ID the penny loafers second from the top (calf/suede)?
What are the loafers second from the top (calf/suede)?
Sounds like you need to join a new job club.
Yes, there are plenty of fakes on eBay, but you can easily avoid them if your know what you're doing (don't buy from sellers with a stock pictures or picture of millions of different colored pairs and look at the packaging).
You can buy 10 pairs for the price of three local pairs from brands such as RL & CK online (eBay) - just had some delivered today!
Being unspecific in the case of taking a shirt to a tailor/alterationist would be taking the shirt in and saying 'make it fit'.
Go into the shop and look or ring them up!
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