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I'd say reasonable. Better priced than the mob I used to go to. Around $60 to hem pants and shorten and finish jacket sleeves.
It was me that recommended Michael's ... I can't recall whether or not I stated that Parker & Co also use (and recommend) Michael's for most, if not all, of their alterations.
You shouldn't have to pay any (Australian) customs on a Burberry Trench... As long as it doesn't exceed $1,000. Have you tried eBay? They're very easy to come by, just make sure you don't get a fake.
Do these fit true to size?
See the rest of the forum. Been discussed in detail a million times.
Its a message from the clothing gods forcing you to ditch the Sportscraft SC.
Brogues in/of Claremont in Perth are stocking Allen Edmonds if anyone is interested. Small and ugly stock but it's decent if you want to find your size/last to buy online. Did not check pricing.
I recommend you try Michael's Tailoring services in London Court. He does a great job.Opening Hours: 8.30am - 5.30pm.Location: Stairwell H, 2nd Floor, Suite 4. London Court.Phone: (08) 9221 6525
Decide to go which way?
Sorry to repost ... can anyone ID the penny loafers second from the top (calf/suede)?
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