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I think we are getting confused with two types of girls. 1) Girls that chat to the guy with the idea of getting a drink out of it. 2) Girls that chat to guys to make conversation/have a social night/meet people. There are guys that attract the first and/or second types and there are bars that both these types of girls may or may not visit, in small numbers and great.
Quote: Originally Posted by jays978 1) Cuffs - French cuffs too formal for interview? Avoid French cuffs if possible - light blue or white shirts are ideal. Quote: Originally Posted by jays978 2) Tie Knot - I was taught in business school always to wear the windsor, but as we all know it's a little bulky sometimes. Is a four in hand fine? Windsor is good with spread collar. Four in hand is fine with a straight...
Quote: Originally Posted by 12XU Look at Ecco shoes. I find them to be very comfortable for all day wear. Be careful though, they seem to have downgraded in recent years to mfg in China and the quality isn't as good as the Slovenia made shoes. The nicer ones are closer to $200 but again, really lightweight, comfortable, and hold up well to daily wear. E.g. I have these (on sale right now as I think they are...
If your real lazy you should consider crack.
There are plenty of luggage threads around, a simple search will produce these results. I myself use the Samsonite Hommage II when I'm not using and old (now unbranded) leather garment bag I 'borrowed'. Quote: Originally Posted by DandySF I've yet to use the luggage, it's still in pristine condition, waiting to get sullied and abused on its first trip. Why do you abuse your own luggage!?
Quote: Originally Posted by rjt65 will check it out --anywhere to try them on? No one is going to be able to tell you where you can try them on if we don't know where you are located! Store locator
Quote: Originally Posted by andas I just got a shirt from the same tailor, and I got short sleeves as well. Ordered a shirt from Jantzen with the exact same measurements and got perfect length sleeves, so I don't think my measurements were too wrong. Measure the sleeve lengths yourself and if they are incorrect from the measurements you gave, email MT and they will help you sort out your problem.
If you already have a well fitting shirt take measurements from that and give them to MT, will be a lot easier than estimating the correct fit.
Find another tailor.
Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma One of the stores by me had a bunch of belts from nordstrom NWOT, some with remnants of tags for $8 each, but nothing in my size. You know you can get most belts cut down to size.
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