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They don't stock the 1880 line in Perth at the moment.
You will be in luck, DJ's Perth now carry Loake, albeit a very small range (no 1880).
That article is rather useless considering the 'cheap' jeans listed (Nautica $50) are likely better quality than any pair of jeans from jeans west for $100. Nautica jeans sell here for $150-250.
+1I haven't come across a brand that has a better fit on me than Edwin Jeans. I dropped what I thought was a large amount on my first pair then I realized that my last pair of jeans lasted me 4 years.
Just bought some boxer shorts (new of course), one pair is the wrong size but its not worth shipping back to the US. Anyone want them for $15 shipped within Australia? They are size 42, true to size.
What happened to him?
I think if he were walking down the street, there would be no problems with his outfit, apart from perhaps only the length and slimness of his trousers, but that is subjective.
Anything can work well when the person wears the clothes instead of the clothes wearing (defining) the person. There are 20y.o out there who can wear "old mens clothes" and still look 100x better than their peers. Have you considered that maybe those cuban heels might be equivalent to today's pointy white shoes that are ever so despised of here?I request that it be at least MC related. There are hundreds of people on here that post pictures of hair cuts, what they're...
If you can afford to, pick up a pair in store, or at least buy something else whilst you're there. Send some support to the brick and mortar stores, one day they might not be there for you to try stuff on.
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