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Pad Thai
Apologies for the image quality! [[SPOILER]]
I'd start by emailing a manufacturer of tassel loafers. I think Allen Edmonds will be the most helpful.Edit: Or check eBay.
I just purchased a jumper from Ralph Lauren in David Jones ($300). I had a look at the Ralph Lauren (USA) store online and it seems the jumper has been re-branded from RLX ($500) at a ~40% discount. Anyone noticed anything similar before? I'm really surprised by this as it's usually the other way around!
I am in for the tie, but only the wombat design. The wattle design does not make the tie appealing to me at all. Reminds me of an "old boys" cricket club tie.
I know, I've never dived with my diving watch. It's been to the beach though and in the pool! Yep, the middle one is a diving watch, an appropriately named submariner.If I were into diving, I agree, I wouldn't take the watch in the middle down. Divers these days have watches that can measure how many breaths left in the tank, depth, pressure etc etc.
I've never had an order go astray from DealExtreme. I have had the order stuffed up but it was quickly rectified, albeit with slow shipping. Some things they have on that site you can't even find anywhere else.I have never seen anyone go diving wearing a dress watch. That is what diving watches are for.I'm not really a watch person, most of the time you will find my wrist naked. Here are my watches...(Longines needs a new battery)Definitely prefer the wombat, gives it some...
What are these and where can I get 'em?
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