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Had to what? The blog had already been referred to several times before your post.
The best advice I can give you is for you not to give any advice to your partner what so ever regarding clothing (I learned the hard way). Perhaps when her expensive items start to break suggest to buy quality products next time (eg genuine leather instead of pleather [fake leather]).Respect your partners clothing choices and it will make life a lot more pleasant. Or buy her the quality items.I'm speaking from experience here, I too could not stand forking out $xxxx for...
No pockets, I have my minions carry my chest-pocket-able possessions.
No doubt that I won't be buying any.
The ones I tried were actually really good. Not a drink I'd actually order but it was cool to try. The smokiness from the turkey was particularly good. The infusion really captures the best tasting flavors. It's kind of like tasting something for the first time, every time you have a sip. Does that make sense?
Speaking of fat washing, I've had the luck to try a few great meat infused drinks. I've had a lamb-chop mint julep, cranberry and turkey flavoured cocktail (forgot name & spirit base) and of course bacon bourbon. Awesome idea, however not practical to include them on a regular bar menu.
Pad Thai
I'd start by emailing a manufacturer of tassel loafers. I think Allen Edmonds will be the most helpful.Edit: Or check eBay.
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