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I don't usually critique looks in this thread, but I dislike the shirt + tie. Tie is a lovely piece on its own (I have one), but the shirt looks un-ironed and the knot looks too loose.
Why buy a field jacket just before the start of the Australian summer and start of the northern hemisphere's winter? Prices are going to be high and the chance to wear it is decreasing.
The 10 is good, will be much better with Q tonic.You easterners have it easy with stockists.
If you guys are buying premium gins at Australian prices you might want to try a better tonic water like Q Tonic. It will improve your GnT noticeably more and doesn't set you back $80 a bottle.I'd suggest putting away the $250 and saving for a higher budget. You likely won't find anything new of decent quality at that price.
If you win an item from one group, it does not place bids on the rest.
Buttons in a floral arrangement?
+1 tanner goods.
What are the soles like? I could easily run through the soles on a pair of Tods in a month if I didn't have a big rotation. Lucky for me I found some great alternatives from Lacoste and other less costly brands but I'm really keen to find drivers with solid soles.
You've answered your own question, haven't you?Try Mr Porter.
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