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I'm a bit worried about the population quickly outstripping the resources being provided.According to the ABS, the Australian population increases by 1028 per day and in WA we hardly have enough housing, big enough roads and p. transport to cope as it is.The ridiculously high paid miners, especially in WA, are causing prices to rise for everything, all the time - towards the point of being beyond reasonable.Perth has been in a constant state of expansion (chaos) which does...
I have a couple of pairs of infareds, here are my first.
"Everyone look the same, you're all sheep"
They played 100 tracks and 'Thrift Shop' was only played once making it better than any other offering. Putting it at #1 though, really?
Of course you don't have to start a new thread in S&D; there are plenty there already.Far from it. Comparing apples with oranges leans towards idiocy though.
I keep a spare white shirt in my office specifically for this reason. Though, after it happened to me once, and I have the shirt there in case now, it will probably never happen again.
I'm happy as long as we are not talking about sneakers, thongs, board shorts, t shirts or athletic-wear. This is a thread in a forum dedicated to "Classic Menswear" ie suits, sport coats, dress shirts, oxford shoes etc. If you want to discuss anything else, eg denim and sneakers, you should be talking about it in the relevant forum (Streetwear and Denim). Don't get me wrong, I probably have the largest collection of sneakers in this thread but casual/street wear is not the...
I agree the story line wasn't anything special. Basically cops being told they don't need to abide by the law to take down Cohen, it was also nothing like the real life events so they should have changed some characters names. Ryan Gosling opposite Sean Penn in an action movie isn't a great casting. It indeed made for a 'good popcorn flick' and Gosling made it a bit more "girl friendly".
Streetwear and Denim
This is a discussion about mens clothing, tailored wear etc (what grown ups wear). No one is forcing you to wear it but its not the topic of discussion.I for one don't come here to discuss havianas/flips flops and singlets. If it is your belief that only these items of clothing will keep you cool in summer, you have much to learn.
New Posts  All Forums: