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They do.http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/510646?bvCategory=510623&nav=leftnav-cs
Was the suit originally your size? The pull from the buttoning at the waist looks pretty bad IMO, esp. on your right.
A customer shouldn't have to email just to obtain basic information. The website lacks many details.
I find the suitshop.com.au website/recommendations pretty useless. "To make an appointment please contact enquiries@suitshop.com.au" An appointment where?
Those Thai tailors, I have noticed, seem to push fabrics as wool, cotton and/or linen but most of the time they are nearly pure polyester. I don't know if a tailor traveling to Australia will try the same trick considering our consumer protection laws but it would not surprise me, especially if they are not familiar with the law.I wasn't willing to pay $xxxx for a smoking jacket, but I had one made up by a Thai tailor when I was in Thailand and, to be honest, it turned out...
I've never resorted to a book to write a resume or cover letter but I like the formatting of some of the templates that come with Apple Pages, IMO much cleaner than word. Also send/save resume as .pdf.
They are the maker.
Where the hell are the pictures?
Mine has keys on it.
Here is an image for anyone not interested in watching those god awful, advertisment ridden, Australian news site videos. [[SPOILER]] I think the design is somewhat ugly (perhaps due to natural colours of the animal), especially closeup, but also it's pretty cool at the same time.
New Posts  All Forums: