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Where the hell are the pictures?
Mine has keys on it.
Here is an image for anyone not interested in watching those god awful, advertisment ridden, Australian news site videos. [[SPOILER]] I think the design is somewhat ugly (perhaps due to natural colours of the animal), especially closeup, but also it's pretty cool at the same time.
I would really like to see a pair of shoes with leather that has been "destroyed" from parade gloss. I think I might try and dig up some parade boots from the 70's and show some loafers from the 80's that have both been polished with parade gloss over their life.
I've used it for many many years since purchasing my first tin to polish parade boots. I've never seen any cracking or drying of the leather that some people "report" and it is for this reason I have never purchased a tin of regular black polish from kiwi. I might make my next tin of black polish regular kiwi to see the difference, but I'm very happy with the parade gloss.I would suggest trying black kiwi polish first, if you don't like the results go for something more...
I use kiwi's parade gloss and have no trouble at all maintaining a mirror shine. I wouldn't use any other product from kiwi though, every one of the brown polishes seems to turn shoes a red-ish colour.
Go for it. The Westbournes are nice and will go well with a Navy suit, if you have the right mindset of course.
Aren't you supposed to be on leave?
The full moon on Koh Phangan is spectacular.
My theory is that Rolex and Omega are like Mercedes and BMW cars. Different people, different values - the importance of local service centers, big brand name, age-old reputations, quality, option to upgrade/trade in vs vintage etc.As for Zegna, it may be expensive but its always available and good quality. If one were able to purchase their whole wardrobe from Zegna, it's likely they will be pretty well dressed, even by SF standards. It is a convenient luxury brand which...
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