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Any chance we could get a picture of the cafe racer in whiskey calf?
Timeless classic inspired by events in the WEst. 4.20/5
+1 for navy. Won't be down for another green tie.
You're not the only one!
What did everyone think about episode 3 & 4? I think its still a little slow in the character development but hoping the plot thickens and we see James Mcgill turn into Saul Goodman by the next ep.
Watched Free Jimmy and would give it a 4 out of 5. Great adult animation.
I've used Puro Express before. I got charged duty on one box which was around $200 on top of what you pay for the cigars, and the tariff has definitely increased since then. Bought a smaller five pack another time and paid no duty. The cigars came in ziplock bags with a humidipack. Would use Puro Express again.
Not really if you consider the room for expansion and economic development.
First book of 2014, Holy Smoke translated from French to English by Tonino Benacquista. Found it by chance in a second hand book store on a remote island in Thailand among used books in all languages. Mafia. France. Italians. Scandals. Crime. The Vatican. Really recommend it if your like me and exhausted classic English-written books in these areas.
Air Jordan Retro 5 VI Black Grape/Purple
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