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I've just won this on ebay, I bid minutes after first seeing it. Now I look closely, I'm not really sure what it is. I thought it was the blue ventile one from last summer but I've never seen the metal studs around the pockets before. Can anyone shed any light on what this is? Cheers
If the 8 doesn't work for you please get in touch.
I've been after this boot for a long time. I take US 8 in Nike and US 7.5 in Yuketen and Red Wing, so I think a US 6 might be too much of a squeeze. With shipping etc it's prob not worth the risk.
I'm a UK 7 , is there any way this boot could fit me?
I actually prefer the look of the blue denim one but I only wear jeans and wouldn't want to look like I had a denim suit on.
Why do you guys think the Denim Mallory is not proving to be popular, it's discounted to 50% at a few places and they have every size possible. I was going to get the Army one but I can see more money being shaved off as they don't seem to be moving at all.
They are here and for some reason they don't look too bad. Are these pre-shrunk because there is no info on the labels or on the website where I purchased them. Also if they are not pre-shrunk, would I lose some inches on the hem or is it just waist and length. Thanks.
Thanks, they should be with me anytime now but I can't imagine I will be keeping them.
I think you have named the two most 'off' sized Cabourn jackets, I take a 50 in the Cameraman, Mallory, Rangoon etc. and they all fit perfectly but my Surface in a 50 was tight across the chest and my Aircraft in 48 fits perfectly.
I have ordered some Sugar Cane Hawaii without knowing very much about them. After I placed the order I asked for the measurement at the hem. I was told it was 24.5cm which is over 9.5 inches. Can this be right? I don't own a pair of jeans with a hem measurement over 8.25 inches. They almost sound like flares, safe to say if the measurement is correct they will be going straight back. All will become clear in 4-5 days I was just trying to get an idea of what to expect.
New Posts  All Forums: