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I love Cabourn but £150 for a t-shirt is taking the piss.
I too read all the stuff about Ten C on here too which did put me off a little bit. However I think I'm a little bit different to most people on here as I work in the construction industry Monday to Friday and wear workwear so with the rotation of my jackets they get worn on average once a month. They are mostly for fashion purposes although warmth is a lot more important to me than rain resistance.I just had to own the Ten C with Shearling, it's incredible.
I purchased the Ventile Cameraman with Vest in 50 and returned it the very next day. It just didn't work for me, the vest was a nice snug fit but the jacket was huge, it was incredibly unflattering, I think the extra size is to accommodate the vest underneath. The strange thing was it also seemed very long but when I later checked the dimensions online it said it was the same length as the Harris Tweed version. Furthermore when it was all fastened up, you could see the...
I received the Seam Sealed Cameraman today, 5 minutes later it was back in the box to be returned. I'm really disappointed. The vest doesn't work IMO, there is too much bulk when the coat is fastened up and it doesn't work unbuttoned either. It seems to be cut a lot longer than the tweed Camerman, maybe it's an illusion as there is no tweed to break it up. I said to my wife, do you like this, her reply, you look like a bin man. Which tells you how unflattering it is. I'd...
Talking of Kafka, I've just ordered the Seam Sealed Cameraman with Detachable Vest at almost 70% off. Has anyone got any thoughts on why this jacket has had what seems to be poor sales, does anyone on here own one?
Thanks for that, I'll mull it over today and hope it isn't sold this evening, I have short arms, the sleeves aren't overly long are they?
I've got my eye on the Wide Lapel Jacket in Tweed, although it will probably be gone in the very near future, it's a Size 52 but is said to be a slim fit. I'm a 50 in the Mallory, can anyone comment how the fit compares to the Mallory. Cheers.
After being a Cabournophile for many years I bought a Ten C Snow Smock in Olive and bought the shearling liner for it. I absolutely love it, I've only worn it twice but so far it has drawn more positive comments than any other garment I've owned. I won't give it any real hammer as I wear work clothing Mon-Fri so I probably won't have the longevity issues a lot are reporting on here, you have all made me very paranoid about losing buttons though.
Thinking about a Ventile Camerman in the sales but they only seem to have 48's, I take a 50 in the 'regular' Cameraman, was wondering if the Ventile one is a bit of a larger fit with it being a bit more 'floaty' and not as rigid. Has anyone any experience of the Ventile one?
Have you heard yet? I haven't, it's a crazy situation, they say you can't return until you hear from them, then they don't get in touch.
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