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Whoa, that painting option sounds like an interesting project, but I don't think I'm that adventurous. I actually went the mink oil route a couple of times, as well as neatsfoot compound. They both did a pretty good job initially, but would lighten up fairly quickly. This time I decided to go with the black shoe creme. It didn't turn out as even as I would like, but the two coats are more than enough for the time being.
Hey everyone, I have a pair of red oak desert boots, but the color is a bit too bright for my current tastes. I'm curious as to whether black or brown shoe polish would do a better job muting the red. I was initially thinking brown, but now I'm debating about the black, especially since I only have the brown wax polish. Since I have the black creme polish I think it might do a better job in terms of being a bit more matte. What do you gentlemen think?
Thanks for the help, that sounds like a solid plan. Might as well keep the tailoring in mind, since their so reasonably priced annyway.
Quick question.... Has anyone purchased a Fidelity peacoat and can comment on sizing? I'm a medium/38R usually, but it seems as though these are sized a bit larger. I'm really just debating between a 36R and 38R, and hoping for some input. Thanks in advance
Slim fit vs. Heritage Straight Jeans Anyone try both/either of these and can make some comparison to Levi's (514 etc)... In terms of quality, sizing, fit... Im thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair of these and am looking for something around the 514s in terms of quality, maybe just a bit slimmer... Thanks
watchuseek would be a great resource for you to check out. For higher end, personally, I would go with an omega (ploprof (it isn't the prettiest, but 1200 M WR is hard to argue with), planet ocean), but that's mainly because I'm not the biggest fan of rolex. Like others have said, I wouldn't take any of my expensive watches diving because I'm a bit worried and also because I have a few excellent divers that were relatives inexpensive (<$500). Some of these options are:...
IMO: Best pricing: LEC> LL Sig> j.crew Styling: Jcrew> LLSig > LEC Quality: LL Sig> LEC=JCrew
Quote: Originally Posted by Vistro I am on the fence about canceling. I really want these boots, but the delays are disappointing. same here...
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 tell me about it, this is much easier to read: that's intense
I'd have to agree with the OP in theory as well as most of the posters here in practice. A watch in the Rolex price range is worth the money if you have enough dispensible income and having an expensive watch brand means a great deal to you. Yes, it will last forever, but it certainly isn't worth financing. At this point in my life (24), making only 50k (in NYC) working part-time and finishing up my post-bac courses, it's simply not feasible (or worth it). The most I spend...
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