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Thanks for the help, that sounds like a solid plan. Might as well keep the tailoring in mind, since their so reasonably priced annyway.
Quick question.... Has anyone purchased a Fidelity peacoat and can comment on sizing? I'm a medium/38R usually, but it seems as though these are sized a bit larger. I'm really just debating between a 36R and 38R, and hoping for some input. Thanks in advance
Slim fit vs. Heritage Straight Jeans Anyone try both/either of these and can make some comparison to Levi's (514 etc)... In terms of quality, sizing, fit... Im thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair of these and am looking for something around the 514s in terms of quality, maybe just a bit slimmer... Thanks
watchuseek would be a great resource for you to check out. For higher end, personally, I would go with an omega (ploprof (it isn't the prettiest, but 1200 M WR is hard to argue with), planet ocean), but that's mainly because I'm not the biggest fan of rolex. Like others have said, I wouldn't take any of my expensive watches diving because I'm a bit worried and also because I have a few excellent divers that were relatives inexpensive (<$500). Some of these options are:...
IMO: Best pricing: LEC> LL Sig> j.crew Styling: Jcrew> LLSig > LEC Quality: LL Sig> LEC=JCrew
Quote: Originally Posted by Vistro I am on the fence about canceling. I really want these boots, but the delays are disappointing. same here...
Quote: Originally Posted by macuser3of5 tell me about it, this is much easier to read: that's intense
I'd have to agree with the OP in theory as well as most of the posters here in practice. A watch in the Rolex price range is worth the money if you have enough dispensible income and having an expensive watch brand means a great deal to you. Yes, it will last forever, but it certainly isn't worth financing. At this point in my life (24), making only 50k (in NYC) working part-time and finishing up my post-bac courses, it's simply not feasible (or worth it). The most I spend...
Quote: Originally Posted by Richard Pryor You mean Obenauf's, right? Anyone know if I should apply leather protection cream from Clarks now and Obenauf's when it gets here, or if I should wait for the Obenauf's? yep, obenauf's, the waxy product in the tub rather than the oil. Either way is fine, but if you choose to use the Clarks' product, make sure to wait some time to soak in/dissipate so the LP can really get into the leather. If not,...
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb I'm same as you 5'11 and about 160...yes small would be perfect. I'm 5'10, 180 here. Medium is a bit small for me in the heritage poplin (medium/large in J.Crew usually). The sleeve length is especially. However, I'm pretty muscular, with a V shape upper (30 waist) so if I went with a large, there would be too much fabric around the midsection. I just roll up the sleeves and it looks fine.
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