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Love my tan belt I got about two years ago, you can't go wrong. Other "cheap" belts I have bought last maybe a year before they look horrible. This one is standing the test of time.
Not in high school haven't been for quite a few years, but your sense of style is beyond your years. High school kids will dress in whatever clothing the mall sells and is "popular" at that moment. Self style and real identity haven't developed yet. Do what you gotta do and be your own person.
Sorry, went through the whole survey but I am not comfortable releasing my household income. Won't let me complete the survey with out that answer. So I never finished it.
CalTex, Why do you keep promoting the Momotaro contest in a N&F thread?
Contact N&F and explain the issue, they will fix them right up for you. Had some stitching go myself and sent it off and they were more than happy to repair. Great CS service!
Yes, all N&F jeans are raw (as far as I know) and no they don't all fade teh same. Since every pair really has different fabric, weights, colours, dyes as well as other factors.
Just this week got a great deal, picked up a pair of the N&F snowpaint denim. Regular $350 on sale for 75% off!!! Yes, granted it is not winter anymore, but will be using them next winter!
Naked & Famous camo weft, wore these for about 8 months total.
The red cores will fade much more noticeably than the red weft. If you have a look at TATE and YOKE post on page 475 will give you some idea on how the red cores will fade out. The fading you see is from about 5 months of hard wear. Wearing them longer will increase the contrast of indigo/red.
They start off looking like a normal pair of N&F indigo denim and as you beat the crap out of them they fade red. Just as any other raw denim fades to white, when the indigo on the outside of the yarns wears off it reveals the core colour. In the case of the red cores, it fades to red.Very cool idea IMO!
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