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Way too much break on those pents! Definitely a muslin.
So we're up to 10 registered teams, still waiting on 2 people that have been invited. - Commish and Owner of The West Seattle Taints
erm. I have no experience with yahoo . . . don't know what to tell you!
We were at an even 10 when the registration ended so I need to give everyone who signed up first a chance to register (we can't have an odd number) or, if you have a 12th, I can send you and invite right away. Edit: Someone poasted in the NFL thread about joining, so i asked for his email address - if I get it, we'll be at an even 12. If we do end up with 12, I'll remove the extra flex position.
ok, invites sent! It wouldnt let me set up payment through yahoo cause I have a WA IP address or something, but we can just do it through paypal or whatever. Make sure you look over the scoring rules - there is nothing crazy on there, but always good to know. Let me know if we need to tweak the draft time. Relevant info - 2 flex .5 ppr minus a point for missing short field goals
Invites will be going out today!
Any input on draft time? Any time over labor day weekend is good for me (with the exception of 6pm PST on Saturday the 3rd).
So with 10 people are we going with a standard team, or should we go 2qb or 2flex or something else?
I'm going to go with $20
Yeah, I think snake draft is probably what people are most comfortable with (I've never done auction, but I agree it's probably the best format if you have a lot of knowledgeable people). Waivers are usually processed once a week on Wednesday or Thursday or something and then processed in reverse order of standings.
New Posts  All Forums: