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Pretty sure I am getting trolled by my electric company. 1. Get bill that is 3.5 times the normal amount. 2. Go to website to dispute. 3. Website says call number to dispute. 4. Call number to dispute. 5. Phone tree says go to website to dispute. 6. ? ? ? ? 7. Profit!
Putting in baseboard in living/dining/hall today
You're totally right, I guess I feel that the difference between line-stepping and substantive cheating is that people look dumb when they try to greatly discount the achievement of the Pats for line stepping, whereas substantive cheating (for example, pay for play in the NCAA) should diminish the perception of achievement. If you want to levy huge fines for line-stepping I'm cool with that, it just seems disingenuous that people are using petty offences to claim that the...
At least from my point of view, I don't look at the Patriots as "cheaters" or a dirty team. They are habitual line steppers, but this stuff seems like it really has a negligible effect on the outcome of games.
Im hoping the Pats use up all their juice in this game . . . look scary right now!
Seattle times is running an article today advocating the cultivation of Tannat in the state because it would grow really well here. Article also notes that it is not a difficult grape to grow. Just reminds me that nobody likes Tannat.
Yeah, the coffee tables are not my favorite from the set, but some of the other pieces are pretty cool.
Booth: I hope you get to the root of the problem.
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