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Suffice it to say, everyone should strive to be gracious and considerate of others.
Agreed. It's annoying when restaurants refuse to be accommodating. It's at odds with the cornerstone of service. There is a differnce between being accommodating and giving away the house though. I'm a server, so I was thinking more along the lines of people who come in for happy hour, don't spend much money, and stay through dinner. They obviously like the business, but they are hurting it at the same time.
I think sometimes people forget that businesses, while designed to cater to customer wants/needs, only really exist to provide a living for someone who is not the customer.
I was under the impression that APC doesn't make the Rescue anymore?
^ Dat dere stronge.
Been hearing some rodent activity in one of the walls downstairs. Found where they are entering from - the back of the house the grass comes up to the lowest level of siding (above the foundation) and they somehow are getting up under there. I plan on re-grading that portion so that it doesn't come up to the siding anymore - also going to take off the lowest part of the siding to really figure out what is going on under there that the rats are getting in (and fix it). In...
Anybody heard of this Pillars of Eternity game that popped up on my Steam page yesterday? Looks like it could be really good!
Agreed. I figure anyone worth his salt is probably either developing, or hitched up with a developer. Just seems like it would be easier/more profitable than constantly churning through customer intake of piecemeal jobs for individual homeowners.
^ was going to say duck chicharones.
Back when I lived in Tennessee the YMCA I went to had spin classes which I really enjoyed. It seemed to be kind of instructor specific, some instructors were motivating, some were annoying. Also, you might really enjoy the social aspect of group exercise. Since December I've been going to a gym that does group strength and conditioning and I've never been as dedicated or happy with working out - and it's because of the group/social aspect.
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