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Weight it - like but a foil wrapped brick on there while browning.
Be sure you let us know how it goes! Poast a pic of dat rock mayn.
Really sorry to hear that. Best of luck landing something new.
I'm not sure where Don went wrong with his creative underling. His advice was to come up with something creative or off-the-cuff to acknowledge the awkwardness of the situation but not to kowtow. Instead the guy just copied Don and crashed and burned. The guy just showed what has been apparent for a while - he is not creative! Advice was fine, execution was lacking.
cock & bull, FTW.
Glad we didn't see more of the waitress lady. Glenn/Betty interaction was creepy and uncomfortable and great. Glad we're finally seeing a finale-type story line taking shape for Don. For someone like Don, who came from literally nothing, then had literally everything he ever wanted, then threw it away multiple times, "What's next?" is a legitimately baffling question.
Used correctly, can add rigidity to your core, allowing you to lift a little more weight in the squat and DL.
Mirin dat quad sweep.
I'm interested to see what Sally is up to.
Yeah I just don't get it. Surely she is similar to Don in some ways, but I don't get why he is into her. She isn't as young or pretty as the women he usually goes after. She's also not as sophisticated/powerful as older women he has gone after in the past. All I know is that she makes me super uncomfortable.
New Posts  All Forums: