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I don't really make much stock or really anything in the volume that would really pay dividends with a pot filler. IMO it's pretty lame to have one if you don't cook like that. I feel the same way about large open burner ranges or anything else that is very utilitarian/commercial.
Our HELOC funded so I"m getting pretty excited for our kitchen remodel! Going to switch from a range to a double wall oven/cooktop combo. Going to bring in a propane line for the cooktop as our house has no NG and it's like 7k just to get NG to the house. Really excited for things like the new dishwasher and hot water dispenser. We might have to go custom for the cabinets we want, but at least we are planning on getting laminate countertops (we're going for a vintage...
As someone who just really began buying "ageworthy" wines in the past year or so, I can relate to the struggle. If you're starting with nothing in your cellar, it's inevitable that you're going to jump the gun every now and again!
^^ blast radius of explosives seems much larger than in past games. Its almost impossible to get away from a well-thrown one as I almost never see them in the air and once you see the on screen alert it's very difficult to get away from them.
Very true, it's just when it comes to actually spending money on wine, I'm much more likely to allocate my wine dollars to things that I have a good idea I will enjoy vs maybe trying a bunch of things to broaden my horizons. Such is a lot of life, I guess. With the typical Washington varietals it was easier to develop a palate because I get free exposure to a lot of those wines during work.Also, correct me if I'm off base, but I am under the impression that relatively...
Cool! Interesting that we have a few of the same things. I need to drink more pinot and less syrah. Most of the reason I don't drink pinot is that it's not generally made in WA and also that I have no real understanding of what makes a good pinot, so I don't really want to spend the money on it if I can't appreciate it.
Havent tried one yet. Reviews are good though.
2008 La Rioja Alta Vina Alberdi Reserva 1 1 2012 Domaine du Colombier Hermitage 1 1 2012 K Vintners Syrah The Hidden 1 1 2014 Ashan Cellars Chardonnay Barrel Fermented 1 1 2012 Figgins Estate Red Wine 1 1 2012 La Rata 1 1 2012 Saviah Syrah Walla Walla Valley 3 3 2009 Beresan Cabernet Sauvignon 1 1 2012 Upchurch Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon I'm going to pick these up on Saturday. So I'm pretty extited about this: Saturday Pickup REMINDER: We will have bonus pickup hours...
You should let me get a peak at your order list - I'm curious what's caught your eye!
Not exactly. Pretty much what piob said - they generally buy parcels that distributors, wineries, or importers are looking to move. La Rata is a project from Cayuse that Full pull is the sole retailer of, I believe. Their sources are pretty varied, but they focus on Washington wine, with a little Oregon, a little european, and very seldomly CA wine.They do also have their own series of wines but thats a very small part of what they do and I think is mostly a labor of love.
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