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Vinyl (old school VCT in this case) can be cool!
My father owned a small west coast (WA, OR, ID, HI) chain of record stores from the late 60's - 84' called DJ's Sound CIty. He passed away in 2008, but I'm thinking about having an interesting set of speakers restored. Any advice for speaker restoration. I know nothing about audio. I always thought they were cool looking growing up! Apparently they were a dealer promo kind of thing.
Rotisserie garlic studded leg of lamb, roasted red potatoes and fennel, grilled a couple zucchini from the garden. Just started messing around with the rotisserie on my grill - it is awesome. I love how easy it is to get good browning.
after 10 1/2 weeks without a kitchen, I'm making dinner tonight in my fully-functional kitchen. It feels really nice to have a sink again. Still a couple of finish details to go, but not having to wash dishes in the tub is the tits.
I'm usually not a fan of bamboo, but it's cool how on the bottom the briar has been grooved out to blend seamlessly with the bamboo.
From the limited amount of information I have heard about window restoration, I have also heard that good restoration is pretty comparable, cost wise, to a top-end replacement window. If that's the case, I would definitely go with the restoration!
Excessive recessed lighting certainly can rob a space of period look if you're not careful about it. In areas where you want a lot of even light (kitchen & bathroom) I think it's nice, especially if you include other sources of light and fixtures that go along with your period or style (if you are trying to retain one). In bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, etc - I think recessed lighting can easily make a room feel over-lit and rob it of coziness and visual...
Installed all my plumbing trim today. Fauctet, Insta hot, dishwasher, disposal. Had to do some minor cabinet modification for the dishwasher to fit as the unit was 34.25 inches high rather than the listed 34, but I got everything straightened out in the end. Dishwasher, insta hot and disposal all work great, but I must have gotten a faulty faucet as it will not dispense cold water. I took it apart as far as the directions illustrate and could not find any blockage, but...
Going to spend a little over 2 weeks in France in September and I'm excited to have the opportunity to smoke some CC while I'm there! My only previous experience with CC being a SF cigar swap circa 2009 or 2010 wherein I was gifted a HdM Short Robusto, a RA petit corona, and a MC #4. 2013 I was in Cancun for a wedding and my wife and I went to Casa Del Habano and I got a Cohiba Siglo IV and I think I picked out a MC Robusto for her. I don't smoke a lot, but I tend to...
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