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The worst. It seems like they either don't show up, or insist on starting work at 7am (show up at 6:45).
Couple of local spots are my favorite - Red Mill - has 3 locations in Seattle and is probably my favorite, however, they are cash only and closed on Monday, so probably only get to go 25% of the time I think of it. Zippy's Giant Burgers - close to my house, can get a schooner of really good beer while I wait for my burger - still hip but more friendly than the folks at Red Mill. I have discovered that I don't really care if my burger has cheese on it. Always need mayo,...
Awesome recommendations! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
So the wife and I are heading to SFC to see Billy Joel over Labor Day weekend (9/5-9/7) We will have approximately 10am-6pm Saturday and all day Sunday to tool around. Places to go, things to see? We're not really in shopping mode these days. Love food/beer/wine, but not really into haute cuisine or very far down the cocktail rabbit hole. Would be more interested in places with great or unique atmosphere, or where a local might go for, say, a non-landmark birthday in his...
I put in an order for 3 more the next day, so I would say yes.
Had a couple of good wines this weekend. Opened a bottle (split) of 2007 Inglenook Cask Cab that my wife bought while she was in Napa a month or two ago. I don't generally buy CA wine because I don't know anything about it. Was delicious, smooth, and very rich. Also opened a 2009 Cab from a Walla Walla winery called Beresan, which I had not heard of before but seemed compelling for the price point, given the strong write-up from my wine merchant. Was really fantastic -...
Crossfit shoes, like the nano, are a kind of minimalist shoe. They are light weight and have a flat sole, I kind of think of them like updated chucks - though the sole of the nano is maybe slightly more squishy than chucks.Lifting shoes are more rigid, heavier, and have a raised heel. Pretty much the opposite of a minimalist shoe.
Second for Deadwood
I cant imagine any of these "clubs" are any more economical than buying a new pack of 100 derby DE razor blades every year. Cost is $9.
Easy - somebody of average (or below average) size and muscle-tone does not look like they can do that. Someone who looks like a professional athlete looks like they can they can rep three wheels. Therefore, someone who is above average, but not professional looks can rep 225 in the bench press. This is science, bro, try to keep up.
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