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I've got a couple finish nail guns, and I used one for the fence I built last summer. Wasn't difficult to nail the siding by hand, actually.
Ah, cool. I always figured they were only used for screwing to concrete and stuff like that. #themoreyouknow On a side note, putting my siding back together was the first time I've used a hammer and nails in a long time - felt oddly more satisfying than screws
Nice - any particular reason you got the driver to go with the drill?
Got something done over the weekend I've been meaning to do for a long time - Two winters ago we had a rat problem (I successfully trapped/killed them) where the rats were getting into the house up under the bottom of the siding where it comes down close to the ground on the back of the house. I finally got around to taking off the siding in that area to figure out what was wrong there that they could get in. As it turns out, under my bevel siding is not plywood...
Actually it's not an issue of having power up there (I have a very low slope roof and it's not at all a usable space, even for storage), its that the wiring running through the boxes that are in the ceiling (and used to feed the overhead lights in the kitchen) also run power to other parts of the house. It's not really feasible to just delete the boxes and associated wiring (would require redoing a lot of other wiring), so the boxes have to stay. As the boxes must be...
All in all, I have a very little patience for listening to people tell me how hard their job is when I am paying them (what they asked me) to do it.
It is, but I'll be goddamned if I'm going to let them put cover plates in the ceiling of my new kitchen (to cover deleted ceiling fixtures) because they dont want to crawl 60 feet through my scuttle attic to flip the J-boxes around and make them accessible from up there.
930 am on a Saturday and I've already yelled at my contractor and electrician. #remodellyfe
I would match the oak - shouldn't be too hard to do. I agree with making the change at the threshold, rather than mid-room. Hit a bump in the road of my project today - electrician has to run off to Montana for some kind of emergency and wont be back till Monday, so instead of finishing today and inspecting tomorrow AM, we are looking at finishing Monday and inspecting on Tuesday. Also left us without a furnace (breaker taken out as part of panel re-arranging. GC says...
Plumbing passed inspection today with no issues. Huge load off my mind because we have had a substantial amount of plumbing in the past 2.5 years (all of which was permitted) and the inspector was going to cast eyes on pretty much all of it. I was super worried he was going to see all the new water lines (we re-piped the whole house last spring) and want to make me open everything back up to take a look at it.
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