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2012 Upchurch cab. (Upchurch Vineyard Red Mountain) Chris Upchurch is the longtime lead winemaker at DeLille Cellars. The wine is tasty, but at this moment its richness strays a bit towards cloying. I'm very surprised at it's lack of structure, especially considering it's youth. In my current wine drinking mode, I'd much rather have three bottles of a nicely aged Rioja than a bottle of this.
I'd do it, but I've had very little experience tasting good Bordeaux, so it's probably worth more to me
Is that the '09 or the '10?I ordered 4 of the '09 and thought it was great. Tried to re-order to no avail. Ordered 8 of the 2010, hoping it is as good!
Actually, I'm still in first. I hold the total points and head to head tiebreaker against you. (for now)
Good question. Why don't they just go to CFB type overtime?
I apologize on behalf of the city of Seattle for that display.
I bought my Total Wine out of 2003 Lanessan back in like 2013. Wish I had some more.
I wish you ill.
I saw this recently, and thought of you!http://www.mcmansionhell.com/101
They got them tall buildings and these car type things that travel UNDERGROUND. Boy Howdy!Also, I assume from the nice weather, you were not in the city for my stay. Many thanks.
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