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Crap, forgot to put in for the 2013 rata - was hoping to put together a series of them.
Huh, strange. Did you take a look at the boxes open for sale or just ask for full boxes? Glad you had a better experience than I, at any rate!I have zero experience with shipping CC, so I'm afraid I can't help you :/
Wow that's a lot! What percentage of your cellar is Washington wine?
Had my first bad waiter experience tonight in Paris. Went to 6 Paul Bert, and ordered the "surprise" tasting menu, Then tried to order wine. I was looking at Riesling from Alsace, and one had a word attached to it that I wasnt familiar with, so I asked the waiter what it meant. Instead of answering my question he just informed me that Reisling was a sweet "dessert" wine and would not be good with dinner - I was sort of looking for a dry or off dry reisling, but my wife...
First I went a La Civette, which was terrible, poorly stocked and cigars were in rough, rough shape. Then I went to, I think, botique 22 which is near the Arc d'Truimph, and that was great!
I'm in France so able to get my hands on CC for pretty much the first time. Picked up RASS, HdM no.2, some toro sized Bolivar, a partagas serie D, a HdM short robusto, and 2 Cohiba siglio IV (like a londsdale?) Getting out of Paris tomorrow for a more tranquil setting (Annecy) and looking forward to lighting some of those up!
Are we talkin bout practice? /iverson
Eason went to Lake Stevens High school, north of Seattle, which is where I went! Actually one of my best friends from high school was the running backs coach at LS 2 years ago, when Eason was a JR
^^ I haven't picked mine up yet, but I have loved the previous vintages that I've had. Side note - my wife and I arrived in Paris yesterday. We went out to dinner at Frenchie wine bar, and we had a glass of champagne that was really interesting/weird. Granted, I have not had a lot of champagne, especially true champagne, but the Flavors were basically super-tart green apple malic acid up front, nuttiness, followed by a VERY long and quite bitter finish. The bitterness was...
30 years ago . . .
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