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Conne, you never said how your remodel worked out? Are you enjoying living in the house?
Looks great! Challenging space to work with, but I think you did well with the layout - the big island will be a godsend for prep.
I agree with this sentiment, but If it's a small project, ideally the same guy will do the plumbing, tile, and electrical. While not strictly legal (who's taking out permit to do a bathroom facelift?) It's going to be waaaaay cheaper and much more expeditious than trying to contract 3-4 separate tradesmen for that small of a job. If you're looking to keep everything permitted and legal, a GC has the benefit of having those 3-4 tradesmen at his direction, so theoretically...
IIRC, there were two points 1.) polo shirt does not equal quality (agreed), and 2.) your friends couldn't tell the difference between a professional paint job so it was a waste of money (in other words it is dumb to overpay for incremental quality increases.)If you have a room built specifically for listening to music, even if it's construction is no different from a normal room (which it is) it is custom built for listening to music. Sorry. The fact that it's not the ne...
I believe tannat is the traditional pairing with cakes of all types.
I was in a bad mood today - then I came on the internets and saw that the guy who was making fun of people for paying professionals to paint their house (because his friends can't tell that laborers painted his house) has a special custom-build room in his house so that he can listen to his music in a special way that only he and a select group of people can appreciate. FUCK THAT BRO MY BROS SAY MY BOSE SURROUND IS LIT
I'm a big fan of Morgan Lee, the winemaker for two vintners and Covington cellars, as well as for the block wines project put out by full pull.He knows his way around wa Syrah, that's for sure. Young guy too.
One of the best things about my dog is that that he will run over and eat a spider like it's a piece of goddamn bacon. I don't know where he gets it from, but he cannot wait to eat those creepy bastards.
Combination of recommendations, project updates, bragging, advice. General practice when not DIY is to submit your expense report to see if indfnl thinks it's a waste of money.
What that is? Teh, Lamb?
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