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+1Also, personally, I didn't have a problem figuring out what my (then) girlfriend liked and disliked style-wise. Especially if you are of the age where your friends are getting engaged, its easy to get her talking about what she thinks of other people's rings without letting her know that you are shopping for one.
That fake punt tho . . .
AAAAAAAnnnd he's gone.The really annoying part of this is that now he's not going to play any game this week and I have to reshuffle all my fantasy rosters to get a player in that slot this week. Had to drop him in two leagues because I've got Josh Gordon stashed on my roster so no WR available to fill in.
Both. Ramps are quicker and easier for stuff that you don't need to take the wheels off for, but stands are obviously required for some things.
So we get knocked 2 stars because this guy can't figure out that the person standing at his table with a pen and paper is his waiter?
Recent review for the place that I work: (3 Stars) Place has been closed for awhile but just recently reopened. My only knock is that it's hard to tell who works there as they wear street clothes.
Since my '78 320i with about 300k is bound to die sooner or later, and I have a dog and house now, I picked this up! 2000 528iT SE 165k miles, but super well maintained, and has had all the big preventative maintenance done. For 4K, I figure I'll be happy even if I only get 4-5 years out of it. Window sticker was in the file with all the maintence records, was $50,500 in 2000!
Nah. I interviewed and auditioned there around Xmas 2012 but they didn't offer me the job. Not sure I would have taken it as I make really good money (for a server) at the place I'm at. Plus the ownership/mgmt is really nice and I'm a day 1 guy so I have a decent amount of clout. Working at Canlis would surely be rewarding and challenging, but I'm pretty sure it would have been less fun and I would have made less money. Still think about it sometimes though.
I work at a restaurant/bar in an upscale part of town. We have $4 glasses of wine for happy hour - it's trying at times.The happy hour wine is always some no-name wine that we get a pallet of at closeout price. It's never "bad" - as in we do attempt to get the best wine available that we can sell for 4 dollars and make a profit, but it is not interesting, complex, or well-made wine.For all intents and purposes it is "well" wine, much as you would order a well drink.People...
Also, on Percy Harvin, I have no idea why the Seahawks don't utilize him the downfield passing game at all. Like, why can't he be Antonio Brown but better?
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