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I believe the only SF approved thermostat is the damper on your hand-forged wood stove.
Ice and fire = water. Dragons come and melt what is north of the wall. Biblical flood. Gendry is on a boat. The seed is strong!
Quarter sawn khaya. Sometimes called African mahogany.
Close up of the knobs. They are chrome mid century repros
You're going to end up looking like your avatar in that case . . .
Progress photo Countertops coming Wednesday. Frustrating to be so close but still have so many picky details left. Contractor burned through the upper trim for the cabinets leaving us a section short and my cabinet maker is on vacation till mid July so I'm going to be waiting a while on that piece!
When did Ghost die during the show? I must have missed it.
You got to stay bobbin' and weavin'!
Nope, I got my eyes lasered a few years ago.No need to get rustled though, I'm a big BMW fan and and don't have any plans to drive anything else.
No offense intended! For some reason I was under the impression that you were a big DIY type.I have a very simple roof and when I was paying to get a new roof put on (seller and I split the cost) I remember thinking that metal roofing seemed pretty straightforward in situations where the roof architecture was very simple.To be fair, all roofing seems pretty straightforward with uncomplicated roofs, but the whole vodoo of certain nailing points and overlay distances is much...
New Posts  All Forums: