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^ Yeah, at least. The problem is that you just can't find much of anything. Super low inventory, all of your SLU cohorts are in the same boat as you. A lot of people bike/ride to work, don't know if that's something you're into. Also, if you have any flexibility to your work schedule, you might be able to avoid peak crowding hours on the busses.
Pricing is pretty nutso, not as bad as places like SF, but the median home price in Seattle is well into the 500s now. It will be higher in areas with high walk scores. Prices are still climbing and most every decent home is sold well above asking with multiple full price + offers and zero/very limited contingencies. 5-7 miles from south lake union covers pretty much the entire city. I assume you are going to be working at amazon or something in SLU? As for specific...
If you're open to renting: My wife and I lived in this building for 2 years or so before we bought our house. Really a good building to live in. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/apa/5093002629.html
Is it just you, or do you have a SO and/or kids? How old are you? Any pets?
Love FF6, such an epic scope. Same thing I loved about chrono trigger with all the time travel etc.
Out of curiosity, are you left handed? Edit. Nvm. I guess I am weird in that I prefer my dominant hand down.
Can't wait get get good and holed up with that over the holidays.
Ended up getting second in the competition my gym was holding. Results: Lost 8lbs Squat: 340 --> 355 Bench: 225-->235 (I actually hit 240.5 in training last week, but went for 245 for my 3rd attempt at the meet and barely missed it. Deadlift: 365-->410 Couple things I felt kept me from winning. 1. May 16th I had the physical agility test for the SPD, which I had failed in the past. That week was supposed to be the last of the loading phase in our programming, but I...
Those type of articles and videos are so annoying. I dislike the implication that because a person who is untrained and unfamiliar with a subject cannot differentiate or enjoy the nuances of it's upper ends, that it is foolish to pursue those upper ends. It's like saying that people are dumb for wanting to go the opera because most people prefer top 40.
They used to serve this in sealed packets at dairy queen - called it fry sauce. Agree that it is good. The ideal fry condiment is tartar sauce though, hands down.
New Posts  All Forums: