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Agree. Also people really, really want to offer shitty trades. If I'm asking $500 for something, why would I accept something of far lesser value for it? The only way trades work is if you offer something of the same value that the seller really wants, or you offer something of greater value that the seller is willing to deal with liquidating.
Maxed clean and jerk today - # 175 happy with that as a starting point.
My wife is a pharmacist, so suffice it to say, I can tell you a lot goes on other than just counting out your 30 pills.
Seattle's offense looks pretty suspect. Haven't scored 20 points in the last 3 games, I think. Edit: Scored 24 vs the Eagles. Last 5 games though: 17, 24, 19, 19, 20
Seattle won that game, btw. It was the "beast quake" game.
Minor drywall work is relatively easy. I don't know that I'd be down for setting/joint taping/mudding a whole room or house - but patching is pretty manageable.Also, installing electric water heaters is very straightforward. I had an ancient (late 70's early 80's) water heater in my house and I replaced it with a heat-pump hot water heater and it was pretty easy. Also they are likely running some pretty good rebates on them as they are very energy efficient. My heater was...
In fairness, I believe this is a scheme issue, and not really up to him. Also, fwiw, late in the game against the Cowboys this year, he started following Dez Bryant around the field, and I think he did just fine.All in all, he seems like a great guy to have as a team mate/on the team that you root for, but really annoying to everyone else.
Totally get that the Seahawks are pretty unlikable to fans of other teams - defense constantly pushed the envelope as far as what is legal and is pretty arrogant about it (Sherman etc.)I'm kind of surprised people seem to hate Pete Carroll though. He seems to be a pretty fun guy and always seems complimentary of other teams/players. He doesn't really do any dick move-stuff or have any horrible sideline antics like Jim Harbaugh does.
+1when I'm about to undertake a project I generally research for quite a while, read, watch youtube videos etc. Once you actually start on the project you will probably have additional questions or a uncommon situation which will require additional research, but IMO the initial round is still needed just so that you can get a holistic idea of what you're doing and how it should go.
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