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Some guy I work with keeps telling me about that french single malt. I give him no quarter, I always tell him he's doing it wrong, and ask him if he also drinks Italian beer . . .
You probably don't even HAVE a fireplace! So how are you going to keep your woman warm? That's right - coitus (with the bull).
If you're free to act like an idiot in more than one thread, I'm free to do the same! Appreciate the libel though.
Seems like a noble use of your vote.
Hmm, I guess I've just only had ignorant vets then . . .
With regard to dogs, it depends entirely what breed you have.With regard to cats, you're just wrong. It's a domesticated cat - if you let it outside it is likely to get eaten or badly injured.
Nice. The wife and I went to an auction yesterday and came away with a nice rug for her sewing room and I, on a whim, threw out a lowball bid on three really nice beaver pelts (which I won!). Excited to trade them for muskets or something. Actually, I think I'm going to have my wife sew them together into an area rug for my office, or a lap blanket or something manly like that.
Y'all jelly of the Rawls Royce tonight?
The major roadblock to doing all of those things is building up the stock of tools needed and having a place to keep them all. It's a great day when you finally set out to do a project and realize that you can just do it and don't need to make a trip (or three) to the hardware store to get parts/tools. Also, if you have a non-blue or orange hardware store near you, consider going there for moving parts - nuts/bolts, fittings, ducting elbows etc. It's been my experience...
New Posts  All Forums: