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You would love Seattle in the summer. It's like this, plus, no bugs.
Had overhead (recessed) lighting installed in my living room today. Also had a ceiling fan installed in the living room and bedroom. Super happy with how everything came out. Really floored by how different the room looks with the overhead lighting.
Bought a new washer/dryer set for the upstairs laundry room that I'm putting in - the Mrs. is very happy about that too! Also, while, I was at home depot buying the washer and dryer, I saw that they were selling 2 20lb bags of charcoal for $10. Came home with 120lbs of charcoal for $30! At least now I don't have to worry about running out during my pig roast next week!
Well, we don't really need much light in the bedrooms - lamps are adequate in there.The dining room will eventually get some kind of interesting fixture.Living room is too large a room for any one fixture, plus we really want a ceiling fan in there. (In Seattle a ceiling fan in the living and bedroom will suffice for air conditioning during the summer)
things rolling a bit here at Casa RL. Last of the front-of-the-house windows going in as I type. Living/Dining paint turned out well! - still some trim work to do. Mulched garden beds and continuing to plant things out front. Built a 8' x16' x18" raised bed for vegetables - just got the veggies in over the weekend. I was not looking forward to shoveling the 7 yards of dirt to fill the planter, but I manged to talk the work crew (they are tearing up the street in front of...
I played it about a year ago, and it was still pretty buggy. My main dude got trapped on the porch of a house and wouldnt vault over the railing to get away. So pissed that happened. Also at that time your supplies would be consumed in real time, even when you werent playing the game, so I came back to the game after a couple days and my base was in shambles. I'm all for realism, but I don't like feeling tethered to the game.
Well, as others have said, kudos for being pro-active about it. You may find, as you get older, you find ways to moderate yourself. Best of luck to you!
Is this only going out, or at home too? Alone, or with groups?
Really, parquet floors
haha, it's a ratty old Port of Seattle Fire Department tank top that I got from my step-father. If you look closely you can see my sweet tribal shoulder tattoo as well.Yup.Also, my mother liked him so much she went up to the breeder this morning and bought his brother!(who is brown/white)
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