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Gary, I hope your loved ones will be better soon.
Anyway, best of luck with your exam.
Unfortunately, Goldpfeil went defunct in 2008, which is a shame, since their goods where of very high quality. I own several pieces of both their old and their newer stuff. I also happened to live close to the factory store for several years, which was pretty convenient for me, as I liked to drop by on a regular basis and bought quite a lot there. IMHO quality was very good and did not suffer recognizably through all these years. Too bad the brand didn´t have the same...
Quote: Originally Posted by DutchDaedalus Regent. Seconded. I have to say am very happy with my Regent stuff. Thanks for the article, which was an interesting read.
Quote: Originally Posted by windrunner Zefer, have a pair and have closely inspected his shoes at Madison. That´s what I had thought, too, before bengal-stripe, whom I consider an authority in such questions, suggested they might be made by Artioli: Since I had the chance to inspect several pair of Artioli lately, I must say that I concur with his guess. The models were nearly identical...
The Wraith´s unsolicited advocacy of Steven Aver´s is maladroit and heavy-handed at best, actually detrimental to Steven´s operation at worst. Apart from that, the level of fawning displayed in The Wraith´s posts is hard to suffer.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Bad news ... next dist - EG perhaps? If memory serves they have tried to get an EG dist before, with little (i.e. no) success.
I have this feeling that Bodiley´s, Pediwear et al. will keep their C&J distribution. P.Lal must have cost some online distributors quite a bit of money, e.g. Pediwear with their price matching pledge. I could easily imagine they were starting to get pretty miffed and complained to C&J.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay It reminds me of the current A6. I've been waiting to see this car, but now feel a let down. Quote: Originally Posted by A Y The outgoing model looks much better. --Andre Quote: Originally Posted by bawlin Their current offering(s) are so beyond bland, it makes me sick. Exactly my thoughts. What Audi really needs isn´t another undistinctive, gimmicky...
I actually do like the Desert Boots and have several pair of them. The shoes in the OP are ugly as sin, though.
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