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there's been too many comment-worthy posts lately to comment on everything... great stuff from bobo, carl, whodini smart, chrono. label king - all black trench fit was good....would've been even better without the hat though imo. PG - looking good as always. cheers for the food recommendations. i ended up going to rockpool anyway (girl surprised me with a special dinner, and the fish was amazing. on par with the best seafood i have eaten, at a family run place called...
a few snaps from a week in sydney visiting the girl... sunday 14/9 - drinks tricker's wing cap logger boots / hell's bells bauhaus / sugarcane belt / destroyed bonds t / nicolas & mark fine gauge t / thomas meihofer ring / gnome wednesday 17/9 - lunch & shopping spring court B4 / hell's bells bauhaus / sugarcane belt / uniqlo UT x magnum photos t / thomas meihofer ring / bottega veneta sunglasses / porter tote thursday 18/9 - plane...
tricker's wing cap logger boots hell's bells bauhaus sugarcane belt h&m t topman longsleeve buzz rickson's william gibson long ma-1 thomas meihofer ring reiz gogs
red wing 1911 hell's bells bauhaus sugarcane belt uniqlo UT t topman longsleeve thomas meihofer ring
cool, cheers - it won restaurant of the year in gourmet traveller too.
PG - i shant say no to a list of your recommendations! much appreciated. we are planning to go to bodega, and either lucio's or buon ricordo. we tried to book at tetsuya, but the next vacancy for two is in feb 2009. she went to rockpool the other weekend so we'll give that a miss, and we've been to aria before. we were thinking of quay but the menu and interior didnt excite me too much for some reason. we'll definitely hit up bill's for breakfast, chinatown for some...
older photo, same outfit (sans hat). red wing 8165 denime 805 sugarcane belt h&m t the flathead zip up john bull type 3 thomas meihofer ring porter tote
great pics robbie....congrats! likewise socal, cool snaps! PG....those C&J are beautiful.
nice one again PG.... how was bodega? i will be in sydney visiting my girl in a couple of weeks and we are going to head there. it got a pretty good write-up in one of the recent editions of gourmet traveller. FTB - great! whodini - nice photo. dig the jacket bobo, dig the haircut hali.
oioi! nice one bobo....the setting is perfect for that fit.
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