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Roger Sterling
in what way, if i may ask?
And does anyone have experience with them?||MC080BRN|||||||||||||# Thanks!
I am looking for a pair of double monkstraps for around 250 £.. My current options are: 1. Loake Blackfriars 2. Cheaney Leeds (even though they're single strap) 3. Charles Tyrhwitt (obviously made by Loake) Any other suggestions/comments? Also, any experience with the models above? Thanks in advance!
Quote: Originally Posted by IUtoSLU I strongly recommend Sazerac and Rittenhouse (Bottled in Bond). Both are very affordable and delicious. agree
Does anyone have any experience with the boots? How are they in terms of quality, softness, durability and overall impression? Thanks!
What are the options? And does anyone have experience with Tyrwhitt cashmere sweaters? Thanks in advance!
i think most of us are alcoholics who can afford semi-expensive stuff we use as a shield against being called alcoholics..
lagavulin 16 yrs is currently my favourite
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