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Have at it boys.
Well... Holdfast, now you know you know why more people didn't vote for me...
I know! Let's argue about why I think (based on other discussions about the topic) that people didn't vote for me.... Yup, that sounds like fun.So, why don't we try to have an actual productive conversation: Did you vote for me? Why or why not?
Thank you. I guess the bespoke carnival barker look just doesn't do it for the forvm. I suspect my lack of votes mostly results for many of the issues discussed in some of the previous challenges; namely that I block out my face and don't participate enough to have a recognizable personality to the forum in general. It's not like I'm trying to join the "love-in" however, if I was I would participate more often. I compete just for fun of it, the creative limitation, and...
Let's see if I can sneak this in under the wire. Probably a bit costume-y for a Stylefovum best.... None the less, I have been given many kind compliments today. Lets see what the forvum "public" thinks.
I seem to have picked a popular color. Oh well, I haven't worn this shirt in at least a decade... Wearing something once every ten years is enough reason to keep it, right??? Put on your sunglasses boys (and girls?)
No, it didn't happen....yet. I'm still around today and tomorrow so if people wanted to get together let's set something up. I'll see who I run into today.
So I guess tonight is not going to work. Just figured it would make some sense with everyone in town. Maybe next season. Probably would help to set things up farther in advance than the day before...
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