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It sure has been a long day in the city. I'm Ready for dinner. Who's with me?
Fok, you guys doing New York this season?
Ok, I asked him, but unfortunately he doesn't like Italian.
I was really bummed I couldn't make it. I'll definitely be there in June though. I can't miss it again. Thanks for all the pictures. It makes me feel bad for all the things I missed but at least I get to have a feeling for was was happening.
Has it really come to this??? God help us all. Think I should invite Menswear Dog to join us for dinner?
@Leaves is spot on. Without the peacocks and the press they are generating we would not have the current resurgence in menswear. On the Edward Green argument front: Hillary said they had a fantastic Pitti and wrote a lot of orders. I just asked her.
Bump. So who's coming tonight?
Holding a grudge is just part of the game...So you guys coming tomorrow or not?
Ha! Not an asshole. Just slightly obnoxious and abrasive. Hope you can make it. I'll buy you a drink.
Secret handshakes, all that. No, it's just trade show season so more forum people than usual are in New York. I was putting together a meet-up several years ago and suggested that that a lot of forum people were in the "industry" and therefore this time of year would be good for a get together. lefty disagreed with those assertions in a lefty-like manner so I was just inviting him personally to come join us.
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