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Bump. So who's coming tonight?
Holding a grudge is just part of the game...So you guys coming tomorrow or not?
Ha! Not an asshole. Just slightly obnoxious and abrasive. Hope you can make it. I'll buy you a drink.
Secret handshakes, all that. No, it's just trade show season so more forum people than usual are in New York. I was putting together a meet-up several years ago and suggested that that a lot of forum people were in the "industry" and therefore this time of year would be good for a get together. lefty disagreed with those assertions in a lefty-like manner so I was just inviting him personally to come join us.
If you live in New York, are in town for the clothing trade shows, or just happen to be in town join us for a little get together this Tuesday. Please join us at 7:30pm at Nocello, 257 West 55th Street –between Broadway and Eighth. I suspect we will be there until at least 10pm so whether it's for dinner, a drink, or just to hang out, come on by. Please PM me so we can get an idea of a head count. All are welcome. Hope you guys (and gals?) can make it! We had a great...
Since this about the only consistent New Yorker thread (I mean, what's more New York then complaining about New York?) I figured I would post this here too: It's clothing buying season for next fall and a number of us industry people are going to be in New York for the trade shows. We are having us a little meet-up with the locals this Tuesday, January 20th at 7:30pm at Nocello, 257 West 55th Street –between Broadway and Eighth. Come on and join us for dinner, a drink, or...
Stick with Rubinacci the cut of this sanctimonious drivel doesn't suit you.
Oy. Why do I even bother. Look, I like you, I think you make meaningful and significant contributions to the forum, are a good sport, I even enjoy arguing, but eventually I do get weary of bashing my head against a brick wall.Let's review the exchange:I thought this was a rude but somewhat funny statement about the vital importance of working with an actual tailor. It has been discussed a fair amount in this thread and many stylists have been offering opinions on fit...
Fortunately not. The was south of me and strangely mostly confined to government buildings and the university.Nothing quite so dramatic that you need to endanger you life over it. Besides my point wasn't directed at you and my face isn't even that pinchy.Anyway, my point is that in the constant and ongoing discussion we've been having about tailors/stylists/fitters it's important to remember that there is a lot of value in having someone who actually works with cloth...
I figured you were, but in the next statement after the quoted part you left the analogy and started directly talking about the food.I also don't think the good reasons you stick with Rubinacci have been discussed enough so I though I might as well filter them back though the imperfect food analogies that have been used throughout this threak.
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