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Those will help fill out the thong though.
Hmmmm.... Might almost be in the mood to play. But what to wear? Choices, choices. What I'm wearing now: Or: Or, should I defy groupthink altogether? When is the latest I can post a photo?
A wise man once told me it is only with the eleventh purchase that true knowledge and understanding is obtained. Keep that in mind when you decide who's opinion to trust. Really guys, though, where the heck are you taking these arguments??? Some of you are just spouting crazy talk.
Oh, I know that. I wasn't trying to come across as complaining (except maybe to subtly rib lefty.) I didn't firm up my travel plans until very late so I obviously didn't want to set up something I couldn't attend. I'll give you guys much better notice for July.
Do I know you?
It was a good time but a small crowd. Several of my more eccentric "industry" friends were not able to come at the last minute and most of the New York folks chickened out. Still all in all we had a very good dinner, good drinks, and pleasant conversation. We'll get together again in July. Once I know that date of the next shows I'll post it here/make another thread. The shows generally run Sunday-Wednesday. I'll keep the meetings the Tuesday night of that...
It really was a lovely evening. Thank you Crusty for the fine restaurant recommendation. I'm going to keep setting this up every time I go to market so you can look for it every July and January. Hope to see more of you in the summer.
That first match was certainly "redonkulous" but I'm exausted and could use a good meal and a drink. I did catch some of the warm ups there yesterday. Very very cool.
I figured you would of had some threads on it if you were. The Italy coverage was very good. I had to keep up with it since I missed the show this season.We are having a little meet-up tonight but I guess we will catch you next time. I'm going to keep it a regular biannual get together every trade show season.I will say this for Pitti though, at least the exhibitors are all in one place. This schlepping all over the city BS is a pain in the butt.
Just a final reminder for the meet-up tonight. 7:30 at Nocello, 257 West 55th Street. We have a nice group going. Hope some of you can join us.
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