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Really guys, simmer down. Enough with all the compliments. Where do you think all this flattery is going to get you any way? Thank you though. It was a fun afternoon.That's all you've got to say??? For a ninja editing, girly acting, kiddy shooter riding, mod.... I thought you would have had more of a comeback! We'll just have to duke it out in the poll buddy!
You better believe I know who's challenge this is! A couple of little girls!!! And that's why I'm calling shenanigans!!! You've even got a mod on your team. He can just make the competition disappear......You guys rocked it....."ok"......See, your problem was you just posted too soon after us. Everyone else saw how much positive feedback we received when I copied Crusty's signature poses that they just copied us. That's how it went I'm telling you! We should get extra...
Thanks for all the support guys. This was a fun challenge.Now I want to officially DEMAND that the scooter photos be disqualified! They have nothing whatsoever to do with clothing and....and...and....um....neither Crusty or I have kids so it's just not fair!Oh, come on now! Are you going to make me tell everyone that you and your fiancé were kindest, sweetest, and most charming people I met at Pitti? Are you???
Of course, it's a trade show. Everyone is experimenting and trying to get attention for their brand. There is what the designers like, there is what the buyers like and then there is what is actually going to sell -everything in a shade of navy. But there is no need to sample the navy. It looks boring and we've all seen it a thousand times.
Antonio, can't you just design some pretty stuff that people actually like, instead of all this ugly junk??? Goodness gracious people! Can't you take your head out of your rear ends for once??? You know the real problem with Pitti? It's that the people that attend actually love clothing and enjoy having fun dressing instead of most of the stuck in the mud narrow minded people here. Antonio is one of the most enthusiastic and talented designers I have meet. This is one...
I guess someone has to go first.As my esteemed associate is indisposed at the moment, here goes...:I'll keep you all in suspense.... [[SPOILER]]
Just trying to do my part.Oh, I know you could.... And you know I could....That's what we need to do, have a pith helmet meet up just to make all of Vox's iGent dreams come true.
I don't know about shorts, but a pith helmet.... Hmmm.....
Thank you. I was mostly trolling about my entry, however. My style is far off from the forum groupthing so I like to stir it up a bit. Not only do I wear a three piece suit, pocket watch, and (gasp!) a hat (pretty much everyday); but I wear them to improbable events like a soccer game where I get hit with a water balloon, engulfed in clouds of celebratory smoke bombs, and run around with small children on my shoulders. That's just how I roll.Exactly the challenge! Not a...
Stich, the Great Influencer! You need post on you "blog" more and influence the marketplace not just this tiny world of Styleforum. Then they will just start inviting you to Pitti.
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