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Wait! What's going on here??? What about my bonus points???
And I was told that you pick your nose. Take that!
Interesting how tight the race is. When does the poll end? It's going to be a photo finish... Hey! Where are my bonus points for wearing a top hat all day???
I'm impressed with you guys, without any examples of his tailoring to discuss you've moved on to deriding his fingernails. Classy.
Nothing wrong with a difficult challenge. Keeps it interesting. People need to get more dedicated to the competition! (....not that I participate as much as I could/should....)
The gala turned out to be "cocktail" not black tie, so I turned it down a notch but kept many of the black tie accessories. ie silk formal hose, shoes, chesterfield, silk scarf, and for train wreck points, top hat. Not seen; paisley silk formal braces, handlebar moustache.
When's the last time you tried making one?
I hope you are not trying to suggest you are more attractive than them??? I'm pretty sure the Golden Shear was awarded last night. I think the winner was male.
Why do you feel the need to air your personal grievances with the forum? It benefits no one except maybe for our sick entertainment. You had creative differences with a partner. So? What concern is that of ours? You were only every guaranteed a coat. Well, you didn’t get the coat but you did get cash, both from Will and Rory himself. Starting this thread doesn’t exactly make you look good and if your intention (as it seems to be) was solely to malign Rory, you’re not...
New Posts  All Forums: