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Fortunately not. The was south of me and strangely mostly confined to government buildings and the university.Nothing quite so dramatic that you need to endanger you life over it. Besides my point wasn't directed at you and my face isn't even that pinchy.Anyway, my point is that in the constant and ongoing discussion we've been having about tailors/stylists/fitters it's important to remember that there is a lot of value in having someone who actually works with cloth...
I figured you were, but in the next statement after the quoted part you left the analogy and started directly talking about the food.I also don't think the good reasons you stick with Rubinacci have been discussed enough so I though I might as well filter them back though the imperfect food analogies that have been used throughout this threak.
While this is a bit sarcastically put, it's a very important point.
Where did they hold the fittings? Bed Bath and Beyond?Savvy? Hmm....interesting... That's generally the "styleforum" option, anyway. However, you've always advocated for paying two/three times as much so you can be sure the restaurant will be open in twenty years, that the maiter d' will always remember your name and have a table waiting for you, your favorite dish will be prepared exactly the way you like it, and if there is anything you don't like you can send it back...
A little intellectual discussion isn't bad once in a while. There has been plenty of drama here to keep things interesting. If you're bored, start a fight. It's worked for everyone else. Your $6000 suit sucks, Can financially staked owners be impartial, When is a tailor not a tailor. Have at it.Wasn't there another trunk show this past weekend? Any pictures or comments from people who were there? It would be nice for this thread to continue to showcase Mr. Paone's...
Quoted for humor. I love this threak.
Ah, yes the interview bait and switch. Tell the public what they want to hear and then completely change everything once you get them inside the shop.
The part where they all agree that Mariano is a stylist? How about the interview where he calls his father one? Did I comprehend that correctly too?
I just hope he has at least 11 of his own garments. If only 10 it's going to be a serious let down.
That's right foo, blow off the most obvious and least important piece of his argument with a lot of attitude and leave all the meaty parts untouched. It's so clear you are right again. How silly of me.How silly of all of us.
New Posts  All Forums: