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Just steaks you've stepped on? Are you that much of a misanthrope or do you always have people over? Now I really hope you are able to make it. Just to see if you live up to the legend.That sounds like quite the date. New Year's Eve to boot. Why don't you invite them for Tuesday. It will be a fun nite. There will be a number of interesting characters there.
Go when? Tuesday night is already kind of set up. I can put it on the list for January though. Can you get them to block out a table of 10/15 for three hours and be ok with it if only 6 people show up?What's with all this pizza? Can't we do a little better than that? I'm not going all the way to New York for Pizza!
Not sure. I've just heard you can only get it in Brooklyn.
As long as they have skeeball, that gopher game, and artisanal pizza; I'm in.
Anyway guys, I'm happy to organize these meet-ups anywhere the majority wants. I'm not a New Yorker so I'm relying on other people's relationships with restaurants to be flexible with with a group like ours: where it's difficult to say exactly how many people are coming and people will probably coming and going a lot. If you have better ideas, let me know and I'll try to put it together for January. Honestly, I don't mind the complaining though. I'm a big boy, I can handle...
I don't know that I take you seriously...Don't really know what to think of you, I've never meet you. Happy to change that and form an opinion though. If Tuesday doesn't work, I'll be around most of the week. I could even just stop by your showroom.
Then we are certainly never going to make the cut. Too bad really.
Are you +1-ing that your friend is being weird about tickets too of agreeing that Union Square is the "center" of New York?If you guys really prefer the Union Square area, I'll keep it in mind for January. Is there a location anyone has a relationship with that can accommodate us?Is two more miles really that much farther to travel though? You guys act like you don't live in a city with terrific public transportation and a multitude of options. Heck, I could walk it in...
Or you could both join us and get this whole flirtation thing out of your system. One the other hand, if you prefer to keep it private, we'll understand....
Modern English Tailor card trumps both.
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