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How late is too late on Sunday?Is 11pm way too late for people?
There we go. At least something worthwhile has come out of this thread.Yeah, sure they are but It's still fun to get together with people in the I only get to see twice a year. And free food and booze don't hurt.Bunch of whiners! It's weather. You can't change it, might at well deal with it. I'll be wandering miles all over the city in a three piece suits. (yup, I'm a weirdo) So you sweat a little. Will it be your first time? I'm sure wherever we end up going will be air...
Oh no, we are not that particular at all. The only thing require to be part of Meet-Up Club is a monocle. Preferably tortoise shell.You are completely welcome to show up in Rick Owens A/W15 gown....as long as you are wearing a monocle.Very strict rules, Meet-Up Club."Spousebeater," I had no idea that Cop's had become so egalitarian. I like it.
Yes, please do. They were a fun group of guys.
I'll be around all day Sunday and Monday too. Tuesdays just tend be the best night for dinner/drinks with forum folks because all of the industry parties and events happen Sunday/Monday.
Don't you have calender??? They are all the rage. That's where everyone puts things these days. Radar is soooooo passe.
How's the weather today guys? Low 80's doesn't seem too bad. @patrickBOOTH, your hair ok? Putting together another New York Meet-Up for Tuesday, July 21st. http://www.styleforum.net/t/502998/nyc-meet-up-tuesday-july-21st/0_100 All you ornery New Yorkers are welcome. Hope you can make it.
Alright guys here's the plan: Tuesday, July 21st at 6:30pm at Nocello. Centrally located at 257 West 55th between Broadway and 8th Ave. Come for dinner, come for drinks. Everyone is welcome. We’ll probably be hanging out for awhile. Just let me know if you can make it so we can get a rough head count.
Looks like they turned out rather well.
Awww schucks......Luckily, I don't think that will be enough to win. It's always nice to be recognized but I'm glad I don't have to manage the next contest.With Easter and Passover coming up this weekend, how about a holiday outfit challenge?
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