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If you include Crocs, I'm in. UGG's are bad but I despise Crocs far more.
^ It depends on the chain, if it has a "T" bar to hang from, then that goes through the button hole. I usually button the button. If it is just one long chain I usually thread it through a button hole and then attach a pocket knife or something to the other side. On most of my vests I use the second to top hole, but it depends on how the buttons are spaced and how long of a chain I am using. I have worn some of my shorter chains in the way LabelKing describes. They...
I wear a pocket watch nearly everyday; but then I wear a three piece suit nearly everyday too.
I meant to post this when the threk was first started. It should prove just as entertaining now. I decided at the (relative) last minute to go to the annual zoo fundraiser. The invitation read Safari chic so obviously I needed a new outfit. I was able to get Samuelsohn to rush the three piece linen suit (bi-swing back, inverted pleat patch pockets, half belt) and Robert Talbott to rush a custom linen ascot and pocket square (I already had the French cuffed Estate...
The real problem is if I ever do get to 100 posts I might have to seriously think about getting an avatar. At the rate I am going, in a year the decision might keep me up at night.
I hate to interrupt the smarmy interior designer/girl rating discussion; (someone really should make a definitive female index. Ann Hathaway at 10?) but I am surprised no one has brought up this gentleman who seems to have studied heavily at the Derrill Osborn school of dress: Though maybe with a name like Wanni DiFillippo he can get away with it. Bonus Sartorialist shot of Mr. Osborne: Sorry to interrupt. Carry on.
I see now how I am missing out on all the fun; I only seem to say something when i have something to say. I really need to work on that.
I have always understood him to be a Polo man; particularly Black Label. Furthermore, I saw him several years ago at The Mansion. Not getting fitted but definitely shopping.
Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf Incidentally, Mr Claymore from a few months back was similarly bulky but he still looked good. Size isn't always everything. I don't post for five months and you start calling me fat...? I see how it is. Well I am certainly am no lightweight and then to add to the problem I tend to have my clothes made to the size I would like to be rather than to the size I am. I hope to get back into the swing of...
I think Socal and I were just not real enough.....
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