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Well shoot! I was all ready for glen plaid.....Oh well, not sure I have that many good navy options.
It's impressive the nose for fashion James has. I mean, he didn't even attend Pitti and he is already up on the cape trend. Sadly, he is missing the pipe and I do suppose a floppy hat would just muss his hair....
I run on the more flamboyant side for the forum, true, but I wear a hat everyday and bowler probably 1-3 times a week during the winter. Certainly not CBD.
I don't think James goes to Pitti or is the plan now for Forvm cards?Hathaway for Queen of Hearts?
Very impressive storytelling. Something the forvm could use a lot more of.
Scarves? Yeah, I can do that. The past three days. Pick the one you like best: And today, thirty some feet of madness! Extra picture of today's outfit:
So many panties in a twist. I hope you are all able to interact with people more civilly in "real life."I don't know that "relishing" to meet people can really be construed as a threat. If you feel threatened by him wanting to meet you, that might be your own problem. I'd also suggest, that reposing all of the current videos showing Rory Duffy actually tailoring, is some what germane to a thread (I guess threak at this point) dedicated to Rory Duffy's....tailoring.....On...
So much arguing. At least most of it turned into worthwhile discourse.I voted for Mo'Fuck. He(?) is the only entrant who wore a turtleneck with truly natural style.I just want to know who had the audacity to cast the single vote for me. Who???
New Posts  All Forums: