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It is indeed a suit but I didn't really intend that picture for the competition. That picture is from several yeas ago, (though I did wear it this Wednesday) I was just using is as an example. Thanks for including it, however.Here is the whole suit:That suit is fantastic! I am thinking about sleeve cuffs on one of my next suits. I usually wait until it's in the 80's before I break out the white suits but you are giving me some ideas...That is a really good idea. I have...
The real problem is if you win, then you've won. As TTO and SpooPoker know, that's a lot of work.I wonder if we are too removed from the "good old days" for my old pith helmeted outfit to capture the zeitgeist. I guess we will find out Friday.I've found that linen shoes just don't hold up like I want them to and I draw the line at linen undergarments, just too scratchy.Ties; that, I have plenty of:
In the spirit of the original concept for the contest; do you get extra points for the more linen one wears? Linen Suit, shirt, and pocket square.
But which linen suit should I wear? It's going to be a tough choice.
If I recall correctly I did wear it on a Friday...several years ago. Don't worry, though, it's not my only linen suit.
Now this a challenge I can get behind. I should start participating again anyway (on occasion at least.)
Good, you guys are having fun like I hoped. I will try to respond to the comments late tonight.
A carpet bomb of outfits I meant to post over the winter and one from yesterday. I'm sure you all will have fun with them.Quick question for you camera experts: [[SPOILER]]
I’m surprised that no one wore this to the Golden Globes:
I was at a large charity event over the weekend that presented some very interesting takes on formal wear. I would say about twenty percent got it right or mostly right. Certainly fewer rental tuxes then I have seen in years past and more shawl collars and double breasted than one might expect. Mind you the Governor was setting the tone with his single breasted notch tuxedo paired with a burgundy paisley bow tie, belt, and Ferragamo bit loafers (no waist covering). It was...
New Posts  All Forums: