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Here are the pictures I intended to enter in the tweed contest. I am sorry for the constant tease and delay. I forgot how complicated posting pictures can sometimes be; especially when your equipment fails you. Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy Teasers? Just post your damn fit. Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Full Harris Tweed suit? I'm envious. The suit fits much better than it looks. I'll...
After a very hectic two days I finally have a little down time to get these pictures from Friday posted. Here are some teasers at least.
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin You have until 12 midnight EST, I do believe. Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ...and 1/2 hour left to get your tweed entries in!! Thank you gentelmen. Unfortunately while I finally took the pictures; my computer decided to stop cooperating. Hopefully I will be able to get them posted sometime this weekend. Excellent showing everyone. I am sorry I could not squeeze...
Some great looks today gentlemen. I hope I am able to make time post pictures my outfit. What time do they generally close the contest?
Tweed? I can do tweed. This challenge might just be the thing to bring me out of hibernation. I realized the other day that all of my old pictures are locked away in WAYWRN Part One. I will have to get back into the swing of things.
I have a picture of myself somewhere in my tails and top hat. I will have to find and post it (or take a new one) one of these days, just to show that Tibor is not the only member crazy enough to wear them in public.
I actually wear my tails fairly often; from house parties to the opening night at the opera or symphony. Sometimes even to black tie events- especially given that anything goes these days. I much prefer to be over dressed than underdressed.
Dramatic yes; but not "Theatrical" I'm afraid. Maybe call in Ed?
Mr. Sartoria, I think you are just expecting too much out of page 69.
On Carrington's day off I always remove my coat; unless I am wearing an overcoat.
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