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That's pretty incredible. I wonder if the collection is made in Nigeria too?
So, navy linen for the contest then?It would have been more illustrative to show the two suits side by side, I'll grant you, but I just didn't have a picture of the linen suit handy.
The fabric is indeed pretty similar, It is the deco stripe -the windowpane overpaid- that is different. One is purple and the other blue. The farthest right garment is a sport coat. My view on duplication in the wardrobe is a little outside the norm. I have two white suits: one is double breasted and silk the other is linen and single breasted. That is different enough for me.
NYC Meet-Up January 27/28? With all the buyers in town for the various shows, do any of you native New Yorkers want to get together for dinner/drinks? We could go to the Ghurka flagship and report on it for the San Francisco boys or stop by the Armory or, anything really. Any good ideas? There are so many affiliate start-ups and manufacturers that the Forum could almost set up a show room. I’m sure there are a number of stores that would love to give some of the Forum...
That's okay. I was just looking in my closet and realized how much I gravitate to glen plaids. It's funny, I have almost no solids.My style doesn't come anywhere close to aligning with forvm group think so don't plan a challenge on my account. I like to participate from time to time just for the fun of it.
Well shoot! I was all ready for glen plaid.....Oh well, not sure I have that many good navy options.
It's impressive the nose for fashion James has. I mean, he didn't even attend Pitti and he is already up on the cape trend. Sadly, he is missing the pipe and I do suppose a floppy hat would just muss his hair....
I run on the more flamboyant side for the forum, true, but I wear a hat everyday and bowler probably 1-3 times a week during the winter. Certainly not CBD.
I don't think James goes to Pitti or is the plan now for Forvm cards?Hathaway for Queen of Hearts?
Very impressive storytelling. Something the forvm could use a lot more of.
New Posts  All Forums: