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The weaving is not at fine or as tight so more air can get through. There are more gaps.
Wow. that would be awesome. So Stich, what are you doing January 13th-16th???I was over in that area for the antique market but didn't have time to explore the neighborhood more thoroughly or the Synagogue.
Try me in the winter sometime.
I doubt it too. There is a huge Synagogue in Florence however, the Great Synagogue of Florence (naturally), so I am sure some tasty and kosher Flortinian food could be found.You and me both...
It’s “fair” to insult someone you don’t know; whether they are a Styleforum member or not? Interesting way of looking at things.So, wait. Let me be sure I get this right; you’re telling me I should be prepared that a forum where the group think dictates solid colors and textures over patterns and high contrast isn’t going to be into my electric blue, three piece, double breasted, chinolino, suit with three open patch, inverted pleat pockets and might give me some flack...
Unfortunately, amazing deliciousness can't be valued or PayPaled. Sorry! Get in the business, come to Florence, and I'll take you to dinner!Very true. Also, they tend to be slim, which doesn't hurt.
Definitely keep it. I personally know it is a great coat.
You rang? Well done. Get these men a butter chicken dinner from Sostanza!Exactly what I was going for. Trolling Pitti and now Styleforum. It was a very polarizing outfit. When walking around Florence later that evening I got anything form compliments from old Italian men to rendering entire groups of people speechless.The two of you are such a charming couple. I am sorry I didn't get the chance to spend more time with you. We are definitely going to have to put together...
Looks like you just got the poll up. That's what I get for always being last minute. Some great entries. I'll be very curious to see who wins.
Looking great guys! I thought about wearing a dinner suits but decided to watch a soccer match instead of going to Mahler's Third. (We won in the last minutes so it was definitely the right choice.) Anyway, unfortunately my camera and I have become separated and I don't think I'll be able to post pictures from it until Sunday. If TTO is kind enough to extend the deadline. Otherwise these will have to suffice:
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