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A day late and a dollar short...... Looking at the competition however, I should have probably worn this one. Well, that and posted these in time.
One of my favorite of your suits. I have been jealous of it for a long time. I almost had something similar made last year but was unfortunately not able to secure the fabric.
It is indeed a suit but I didn't really intend that picture for the competition. That picture is from several yeas ago, (though I did wear it this Wednesday) I was just using is as an example. Thanks for including it, however.Here is the whole suit:That suit is fantastic! I am thinking about sleeve cuffs on one of my next suits. I usually wait until it's in the 80's before I break out the white suits but you are giving me some ideas...That is a really good idea. I have...
The real problem is if you win, then you've won. As TTO and SpooPoker know, that's a lot of work.I wonder if we are too removed from the "good old days" for my old pith helmeted outfit to capture the zeitgeist. I guess we will find out Friday.I've found that linen shoes just don't hold up like I want them to and I draw the line at linen undergarments, just too scratchy.Ties; that, I have plenty of:
In the spirit of the original concept for the contest; do you get extra points for the more linen one wears? Linen Suit, shirt, and pocket square.
But which linen suit should I wear? It's going to be a tough choice.
If I recall correctly I did wear it on a Friday...several years ago. Don't worry, though, it's not my only linen suit.
Now this a challenge I can get behind. I should start participating again anyway (on occasion at least.)
Good, you guys are having fun like I hoped. I will try to respond to the comments late tonight.
A carpet bomb of outfits I meant to post over the winter and one from yesterday. I'm sure you all will have fun with them.Quick question for you camera experts: [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: