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It was a tough choice. Both contestants look very good. It is interesting to see the difference in purchasing style (new vs. used) as well as their individual style. While I like the fabric of TTO's suit better; ultimately, I had to go with MBreinin and his superior fit.
So does Cravate_Noire win automatically ? Did any other forvum members go to Pitti?
Vox Sartoria; what kind of name is that anyway? His voice is more snark than sartorial. I always thought it could be improved upon. Maybe something that would really give people an idea on how things stand. Say... Rex Sartoria... Or Rex Styleforia...? (or however you would decline it) You know; to really make sure the Latin speaking n00bs know what is up.
I am surprised at how well this challenge went. What an excellent turn out. Excellent job everyone. So what now? Duel (MBreinin you sure seem to get into a lot of them) or co-champions?
It is very easy to do. Any tailor should be able to handle it.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs What was more interesting was the cape/cloak/coat thing he was wearing. Mr. Flusser described it as a shooting coat, but it was a style I have never seen before.
Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Sewing while driving is just as bad as texting so I don't do it and keep my fingertips covered. So you're saying that when you texted me today to say you'd be there in 5 minutes you had pulled over to the side of the road first? Or do you keep an assistant in the back seat to do that for you too? The two of you together in one town... I...
Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin Am I the only one who wore black shoes for this challenge? Not quite the only one...but our photographic evidence is much better...
Look at that; I finally got into a contest in time... First of all I apologize for the unfocused washed out photographs. The camera is borrowed and it is my first time using the self timer. So, I actually did the opposite of what people on the FNB forum think we do here. Namely, dress up in our "outrageous" outfits just to take pictures but never actually wear them out in public. My CBD outfit was just too boring for me so I changed before I went out. For my wardrobe...
Thank you gentlemen for all your kind words. Hopefully I will get back into the habit of posting more regularly. I may wear the suit again this weekend and if I do, I will try to take better pictures outside. Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition That is a killer 3-piece. Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy Feh. You look great, the tweed really suits you. And I especially like the humongous lapels on the...
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