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You should have just posted your favorite of their fits in absentia.Actually, that might be a interesting challenge. Find the greatest Styleforum fit of all time! Everyone picks their favorite fit pick of anyone, ever and then we vote. It certainly where group think is right now!
USA! USA! USA! I'm not sure if this help or hurts the cause, but I had a lot of fun setting it up. Actually, it was my very first WAYWRN picture and it just so happens I'm wearing the same suit and tie today. Figured I had to go with it. Goodness this suit is old! Now pass me a hot dog to go with my tea. Hold the ketchup please, mustard only!
Why did you lose out on him last year? How formal is the restaurant? What else are you doing that day? Sure, you are most comfortable in a suit and that is what you naturally wear to an important meeting. Yes, this is a very important meeting but you have to be aware of what your outfit conveys. That is what the forum is trying to tell you. If the guy is used to seeing you in athletic clothing it will be a bit strange to see you in a three piece suit. If it is a white...
That is a wonderful book. Thank you for posting it. I especially like the order form. The store copies of measurements on the left hand side are interesting to compare to modern sizes. People were so much smaller then!
I though I was going to have to miss out because I didn't have a chance to take a picture yesterday. Fortunately I found this picture of the same outfit, albeit with a different shirt and tie.@Claghorn I don't know that my beard is that epic.... It certainly has been more eccentric in years past. [[SPOILER]]
Glen plaid on glen plaid: Trying too hard... Don't worry, there's a watch chain under there too:
What "fun" this thread turned into. Wearing my black bowler today so I figured I'd venture back into the fray. Didn't anyone care that I had to have it re-blocked???Can we ALL agree that a bowler may be a "classic" hat and a "staple" in the pantheon of head wear but due to the fact that VERY few people wear them regularly it might just happen to cause you to stick out a bit? Does that work for everyone? Maybe? (Can't we all just get along?) We can all wear what we want to...
Costume? Eccentric??? (boy are those pictures old...) Actually, I just came into this thread again looking for a little commiseration. My other bowler was accidentally sat upon and now needs to be reblocked. That is all.
I'm surprised things have stayed so low key in his shoe thread.It's a shame I won't be in New York next week. I feel like a meetup ( like the one I am trying to put together the following week) at the Ambrosi trunk show would be pretty epic.
With meetups in D.C. and San Fransisco, who's up for one in New York? Anyone else going to be in town?
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