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So double double breasted? Quad breasted? Octo breasted? It's been a very double breasted week. I actually wore one the past three days but neglected to photograph yesterdays ensemble, with a bow tie none the less (yes, Mr. Sartoria I managed to wear it un-ironicly.)I can't decide whether I prefer the too-tight or too-loose outfit; so Claghorn, I'll leave it up to you.Perfect cider mill weatherBrown Glenplaid with Blue WindowpaneContest Picture:Duckies! [[SPOILER]] Today's...
I should be able to have some fun with that, about half my suits are double breasted. I'm sorry I missed the past two challenges. I don't have a year round weight brown suit and I was just too busy for this past one. Thankfully, it's finally cool enough to bust out the flannels!Today's outfit would have been perfect for the brown challenge:
Have at it boys.
Well... Holdfast, now you know you know why more people didn't vote for me...
I know! Let's argue about why I think (based on other discussions about the topic) that people didn't vote for me.... Yup, that sounds like fun.So, why don't we try to have an actual productive conversation: Did you vote for me? Why or why not?
Thank you. I guess the bespoke carnival barker look just doesn't do it for the forvm. I suspect my lack of votes mostly results for many of the issues discussed in some of the previous challenges; namely that I block out my face and don't participate enough to have a recognizable personality to the forum in general. It's not like I'm trying to join the "love-in" however, if I was I would participate more often. I compete just for fun of it, the creative limitation, and...
Let's see if I can sneak this in under the wire. Probably a bit costume-y for a Stylefovum best.... None the less, I have been given many kind compliments today. Lets see what the forvum "public" thinks.
I seem to have picked a popular color. Oh well, I haven't worn this shirt in at least a decade... Wearing something once every ten years is enough reason to keep it, right??? Put on your sunglasses boys (and girls?)
New Posts  All Forums: