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Well I joined and the pictures now appear within the posts when I am logged in (most of the time). It is a fun forum, if you like you clothing discussions extremely detailed with a heavy side of history. I am going to enjoy watching it grow. I do not think Sator started his own forum because of Manton. It seems to me that he just wanted a place where he and the tailors could chat about the technical side of clothing and its history more freely. I suspect setting up...
Also, what is up with the pictures? Do they show up within the post if you are logged in?
I just found it last night after doing a little research to find out what Sator has been up to lately. I will have to delve into it more. Your discussion on the difficulties of cutting for bodybuilders is very interesting. I am glad Sator has created a place where you can talk about such things in detail. I look forward to reading further.
Sator still seems to post but not in the elaborate and technical way he used to. He was the great historian for this forum. I hope he will still share his great knowledge base and image archives with us. The forum he has created is extremely technical and at this point seems more tailor oriented -a little above the interests of most posters here. That said, I think a duel by drapier might be far more appropriate considering the argument. Manton might have the upper...
#1. Only with a very casual suit #2. Is a great all around dressier casual shoe. I own it in dark brown and in tan. I never wear the tan but wear the dark brown constantly, even though I think it is a little too dark for summer. Snuff is the perfect year round color. I have recommended that shoe to a number of people who ended up buying it and they are all very happy with it. I still do not know why I have not picked up a pair for myself yet. Blazer - no problem. Belt -...
My people will let your people know when it happens.
I really do not know what you are all hiding from. I had some friends over for dinner a few weeks ago and I was telling them about pictures I was taking of my new shoes to post here. I explained the Forum's concept of shoe porn and even told them how the Hong Kong guys take group shoe photos when they get together. Though they are not really into clothing, they thought it was great and we took this photo before they left: I was just going through some pictures and...
Really? The last several suits I have had made all have fabric backed vests. They are summer suits so as soon as the weather actually turns I will break them out in WAYWRN. I think it is a much dressier look, though it can get expensive because of all the extra fabric it uses.
If you are really going all out, get the vest with a full-fabric back and then you do not have to worry about the lining.
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