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If I recall correctly I did wear it on a Friday...several years ago. Don't worry, though, it's not my only linen suit.
Now this a challenge I can get behind. I should start participating again anyway (on occasion at least.)
Good, you guys are having fun like I hoped. I will try to respond to the comments late tonight.
A carpet bomb of outfits I meant to post over the winter and one from yesterday. I'm sure you all will have fun with them.Quick question for you camera experts: [[SPOILER]]
I’m surprised that no one wore this to the Golden Globes:
I was at a large charity event over the weekend that presented some very interesting takes on formal wear. I would say about twenty percent got it right or mostly right. Certainly fewer rental tuxes then I have seen in years past and more shawl collars and double breasted than one might expect. Mind you the Governor was setting the tone with his single breasted notch tuxedo paired with a burgundy paisley bow tie, belt, and Ferragamo bit loafers (no waist covering). It was...
Well now that brings a good idea, with so many “key” people available we should have seminars such as: “CVS cloth tape: Its application and proper usage.”Seriously though, let us see if you gentlemen can follow my argument without putting too many words in my mouth.I suggested that the 21st-24th would be a good time for a meet-up in New York because “so many” of our members will be in town for the trade shows happening throughout the city. Mr. Booth disagreed with my...
Ok….Then who do you consider to be in the industry? What is your definition? Because 2-3 people on that list will be traveling to New York specifically to go to that trade shows and another 2-3 people would go if NYC was closer to them and are in Italy at Pitti right now. Or we can all get together between 21st and the 24th, see who shows up and have the conversation in person. (Sort of the point of my suggestion in the first place.)
I think so. Definitely one way or the other, if they did not start out in the business, they got in the business since or maybe even because of joining Styleforum. Take some of our most trusted and prolific members: Despos (Bespoke Tailor), Jefferyd (in tailoring on the wholesale side), Will (Blogger and retailer), yfyf (retail), edmorel (manufacturing and retail), gshen (manufacturing and retail), Phat Guido (Blogger) even Mr. Poker if you count eBay, and many many more...
New Posts  All Forums: