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Ah, yes the interview bait and switch. Tell the public what they want to hear and then completely change everything once you get them inside the shop.
The part where they all agree that Mariano is a stylist? How about the interview where he calls his father one? Did I comprehend that correctly too?
I just hope he has at least 11 of his own garments. If only 10 it's going to be a serious let down.
That's right foo, blow off the most obvious and least important piece of his argument with a lot of attitude and leave all the meaty parts untouched. It's so clear you are right again. How silly of me.How silly of all of us.
Oh right, Rubinacci is a special magical flower unique in the world of tailoring and you are the most usual customer, not a single other person is like you.You have all this "experience" and all it seems to gain you is a very tunneled, and for some reason angry, view of things.Here we have an entire thread of customers of many houses, including Rubinacci, and actual tailors, who somehow seem to have somehow arrived at a different perspective. Of course, obviously, the more...
Yes, obviously. I wasn't trying to suggest he was doing something wrong or that it was inappropriate. There was just a lot of discussion about him using or not using the Rubinacci name at all. The consensus here has been that listing ones work experience(s?) is completely appropriate. Of course that's very important, as someone said earlier; a master/head tailor has to come from somewhere. I was just showing that he did mention Rubinacci in that manner. There seemed to be...
What a wonderful thread. It really delivers all around. Looking forward to what people have to say after they have been to the trunk shows. Let the debate continue! For what it is worth, he does mention his time at Rubinacci on his tumblr.
Come on, jump in! This is an old fashioned threak where experience(s) actually seems to be a detriment. At least you might learn something about french fries too boot.
Just this thread?Actually, that's the trait of foo's that really grates with me, and I'm starting to think almost everyone. Is it so impossible to have genial discussions? Must everything turn into a heated argument?
Ah...the Glorious Days of Yore. It's nice to see everyone stick their head in this threak (have we reached that point yet?)I'm just disappointed that @RSS chose to pop into the watch thread and not here. I miss him, if not "he is missed."
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