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Don't make me go above your head and get Fok to disqualify the scooter photo. Non clothing related. Just not allowed. You know, you could have cast that vote for us and made it a three way tie. Just playing favorites as usual.... A challenge off would have been kind of fun, though. On the other hand I suppose I could accept defeat gracefully.... It's just sooooo hard!
Um....in case my last post wasn't clear enough; vote for US, not them!
Come on people do your forum duty and vote! This is a very tight race. Every vote counts!
I just want to know who the heck thinks a couple of (very nice, by the way) tie makers from Germany are better than either of us!No one answered, what's the closing time of the poll?
That's just fine. I know this is super last minute. I've been meeting people individually all over town in between appointments and just thought it would be fun to get a group together. I'll be back the end of January/early February and I'll try to do a better job of setting something up then.Sounds good! Should have everything figured out by tonight. I'll let you know personally and post it here.
You tell them! Down with kiddy scooters!
Hmmm.... At what time does the poll close? I want to squeak my vote in where it's needed most....
Great! It may just be me but we'll see what happens.Of course it is, but are you say you have something better to do???
I have never voted for myself in a poll. Is now the time to do it just to stay ahead of team Stich/Squirl???
Edit: We've picked a spot. Here are the details: bar.vetro 222 East 58th between 2nd & 3rd We'll meet up in the bar at 7:30pm and then migrate to a table for dinner at about 9pm. We've tried this before, but let's try it again; anyone want to get together this Tuesday night, 7/22. There are certainly plenty of Styleforum New Yorker's around and the rest of the people that have come to town for the clothing trade shows. What do you guys think? Someone with better...
New Posts  All Forums: