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I'll be there too. The rain has been spotty so it might be ok. When do you get in? If Monday, maybe we should all get together for dinner or drinks before the chaos begins?
So who's coming out tonight? It's only a bit of slush. Open to everyone. Don't be scared. upr_crust and I rarely bite.
Ha! It was a pleasure to meet you as well.Come on now, don't say KGB. That'll make everyone nervous. All the information was revealed "willingly."
If any of you guys survive the blizzard, come join us for a meet-up this coming Tuesday, the 26th, starting at 6pm at Lallisse. The restaurant is located at 161 Lexington Avenue, at 30th street. Hope to see you there.
If you survive the snow storm, come join us for the biannual meet-up this coming Tuesday, January 26th, starting at 6pm. People requested a more central location so we are going to give Lallisse, located at 161 Lexington Ave. at 30th street, a shot. Come for drinks, come for food, come early, come late, even just come for the company. We're a very relaxed group so there is no pressure. I would however appreciate it if people planning to come could RSVP in this thread or...
That's me. Well, thank you kindly.I'm an American buyer so I'm here for work but I also happen to love it. Pitti is an incredible experience. It's kind of like all the best parts of Styleforum in real life; passion about clothing, seeing all sorts of interesting new things, learning a ton, and a comunity of fascinating friendly people, with none of the closed mindedness and negativity that the Internet breeds.Over the past few fairs Eric, Erica, and I have become close...
Crusty, you are too kind. Thank you for all of your assistance in putting things together. And a belated thank you to every one for joining us. We certainly had quite a crowd. What a cast of characters! We'll do it again in January. Hope anyone who missed out will be able to join us then.
We're all the way in the back and on the left. Ask for "Bruce's party" if you get lost.
Why didn't you guys remind me at this time of day, it's always better to take the subway. I've been in this Tesla for 45 minutes.
We are going to have a great crowd tonight. A lot of interesting characters. If you are in New York, stop on by. We'll be in the back room. Hope you can make it.
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