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Why do you feel the need to air your personal grievances with the forum? It benefits no one except maybe for our sick entertainment. You had creative differences with a partner. So? What concern is that of ours? You were only every guaranteed a coat. Well, you didn’t get the coat but you did get cash, both from Will and Rory himself. Starting this thread doesn’t exactly make you look good and if your intention (as it seems to be) was solely to malign Rory, you’re not...
Friday Challange ain't time for playin!
How about brown and donkey?It's amazing how much attention that picture has received and how vehemently people are arguing about it.
Thank you. I see that now. It wasn't in the first post and mostly just skimmed through the thread looking at the pictures.
I might be participating on Saturday. When will the poll go up?
Those will help fill out the thong though.
Hmmmm.... Might almost be in the mood to play. But what to wear? Choices, choices. What I'm wearing now: Or: Or, should I defy groupthink altogether? When is the latest I can post a photo?
A wise man once told me it is only with the eleventh purchase that true knowledge and understanding is obtained. Keep that in mind when you decide who's opinion to trust. Really guys, though, where the heck are you taking these arguments??? Some of you are just spouting crazy talk.
Oh, I know that. I wasn't trying to come across as complaining (except maybe to subtly rib lefty.) I didn't firm up my travel plans until very late so I obviously didn't want to set up something I couldn't attend. I'll give you guys much better notice for July.
New Posts  All Forums: