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Crusty, you are too kind. Thank you for all of your assistance in putting things together. And a belated thank you to every one for joining us. We certainly had quite a crowd. What a cast of characters! We'll do it again in January. Hope anyone who missed out will be able to join us then.
We're all the way in the back and on the left. Ask for "Bruce's party" if you get lost.
Why didn't you guys remind me at this time of day, it's always better to take the subway. I've been in this Tesla for 45 minutes.
We are going to have a great crowd tonight. A lot of interesting characters. If you are in New York, stop on by. We'll be in the back room. Hope you can make it.
"Respect, man. Respect!" Shouted a guy to me yesterday. Manton, did you get any "props" for your shirtsleeves yesterday???
I let it all hang out.
I do want you guys to know I did finally take drastic measures yesterday to combat the heat; at the end of a long day of walking and taking the subway all over the island, I undid my tie and unbuttoned my collar....
If Manton what hope is there for the rest of humanity? Well, I for one am taking a stand! You can pry my three piece suit out of my Cold. Dead. Hands.
How about waffles? Waffles are good.
Yes, probably for many things. In this instance for eating the "street corn" or walking 20 blocks in a three piece suit?
New Posts  All Forums: