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I saw it. Thought they did a great job. It's the natural progression from the Mr. Porter one last year. I might say I liked that one better but it could be because Eric's and my legs are in it for a brief moment.
Even in the heat it's the only way I go. I think I only have two or three suits that aren't three piece.Thank you. I know I'm a little over the top for the forum but I've been dressing this way for most of my life. I believe all of the suits pictured were made up for me about 15 years ago.
I believe it. It's a shame though, they then miss the real story. There was a group of seven of us standing around chatting, a photographer I know was taking pictures of our shoes. He had been told to take pictures of broguing. Only Eric and I were wearing shoes with any. The other five were wearing light colored suede loafers. Where do you think the real trend was?Did you really need to quote everything to share that thoughtful remark?
Sigh... Arguing on the Internet is fun so let's give it one last try. Fok is saying something about the clothing and trends not "yuck I hate them and I hate Pitti!"Here, give it a go: "I don't like what they are wearing because....." I know you're capable of articulating your point of view.
There was the same peacocking as always. Eric just has good taste and doesn't take pictures of it.Regarding the NYT article; the reporter sent the photographer to look for things he had already decided to write about. I was actually photographed for the article and spent some time talking to the photographer. He liked what I was wearing a lot but it wasn't up to him. The reporter had already even left town. In another example, a friend of mine was told by a publication to...
Just to clarify. This turns you off: But you want to see more of this: You think the coat will add something? Have I understood you correctly???
I suppose what the people are wearing but who knows. You still haven't anything intelligible about their attire. Unless my reading comprehension is significantly off all I've got from you so far is that "these people" make you not like or possibly want to go to Pitti and that because they exist someone had to get chosen for judgement.
The wrong way??? It's more that you are just sitting back in your chair hating without trying to have any understanding of what's going on. At least you are living up to your screen name. Why don't you try to articulate what you don't like about their outfits instead of being flatly negative and combative? We could have an interesting discussion about why they made those choices and where they are coming from. There are plenty of people at Pitti who dress simply to "shock...
Who you calling fat???
Ha! I'll get Greg back with this:
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