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Looks like they turned out rather well.
Awww schucks......Luckily, I don't think that will be enough to win. It's always nice to be recognized but I'm glad I don't have to manage the next contest.With Easter and Passover coming up this weekend, how about a holiday outfit challenge?
Wait! What's going on here??? What about my bonus points???
And I was told that you pick your nose. Take that!
Interesting how tight the race is. When does the poll end? It's going to be a photo finish... Hey! Where are my bonus points for wearing a top hat all day???
I'm impressed with you guys, without any examples of his tailoring to discuss you've moved on to deriding his fingernails. Classy.
Nothing wrong with a difficult challenge. Keeps it interesting. People need to get more dedicated to the competition! (....not that I participate as much as I could/should....)
The gala turned out to be "cocktail" not black tie, so I turned it down a notch but kept many of the black tie accessories. ie silk formal hose, shoes, chesterfield, silk scarf, and for train wreck points, top hat. Not seen; paisley silk formal braces, handlebar moustache.
When's the last time you tried making one?
I hope you are not trying to suggest you are more attractive than them??? I'm pretty sure the Golden Shear was awarded last night. I think the winner was male.
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